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Join the Spelljammer Academy in a free DnD adventure

Digital TTRPG marketplace D&DBeyond has released part one of Spelljammer Academy, a new Dungeons and Dragons adventure series, for free

DnD Spelljammer - an old man holds an old woman, who cups a golden hamster in her hands

The new, shiny, D&D 5e version of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space releases in August, so many are gearing up their Nautiloids and getting ready to set off for Wildspace. To get everyone in the spelljammin’ mood, digital DnD marketplace D&DBeyond has released part one of the Spelljammer Academy adventure series. This is a four-part campaign designed to take characters from levels one to five, and you can grab it for free from July 11.

“Spelljammer Academy is a series of four adventures that will prepare you for your journeys into space”, says the D&DBeyond website. “In the first adventure, you’ll undergo your orientation at the Spelljammer Academy, where you’ll learn whether you have what it takes to traverse the deadly expanse of the cosmos.”

Unlocking Spelljammer Academy: Orientation reportedly gives you free access to the rest of the series. According to D&DBeyond, ‘Trial By Fire’, ‘Realmspace Sortie!’, and ‘Behold…H’Catha’ will automatically be added to your account as they release. It’s not yet clear when Spelljammer Academy part two is coming, but D&DBeyond says the introductory series will be complete before Spelljammer proper releases on August 16.

Spelljammer Academy begins on more familiar ground by taking players to the island of Nimbral in the classic DnD setting of the Forgotten Realms. Orientation’s introduction estimates the adventure will take two hours to complete, and the series as a whole is compatible with the official D&D Adventurers League campaign.

We won’t spoil the adventure for you, but you can expect Spelljammer Academy to introduce you to the encounters typical of a Wildspace adventure. Combat training and tours of spelljamming ships are guaranteed. You’ll also meet plenty of characters from Spelljammer’s unique list of DnD races, too – though you won’t have the rules to play as one of them until August 16.

A spelljammer ship floats in space, with a city on an asteroid floating in the background

To claim your copy of Spelljammer Academy, you’ll need a D&DBeyond account, and you’ll need to add it to your collection on this page. It’s not yet clear if and when Spelljammer Academy will stop being available for free.

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