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Make your DnD Warlock a muscle bound hunk with ‘gym bro’ patron

A DnD fan has created a funny new Warlock patron, the Gym Bro, which will grant its followers strength and charisma in return for their undying loyalty

DnD Warlock patron gym bro - A huge muscly character

Sick of the party’s Fighter making fun of your Warlock and the rest of the spellcasting classes? Wish your DnD character had some brawn to go with their brains? You could be in need of the Gym Bro patron, a homebrew Warlock subclass that involves “a pact with a powerful entity that embodies the ideals of physical fitness, strength, and endurance.”

The homebrew DnD Warlock patron, made by Reddit user Kelph1, rewards its followers with “the power to charm and intimidate others”, but in return you have to entice others to join the gym, signing a contract from which there is no easy escape.

A Gym Bro 5e Warlock gets a range of DnD spells based around physicality, from Longstrider to Bigby’s Hand. The Warlock patron abilities you access are also largely centred around fighting, with the first level ability Mighty Physique giving you better melee attacks, and the ‘capstone’ power Master of the Gym letting you cast Enlarge/Reduce on yourself for free, and send foes flying with every punch.

DnD Warlock patron gym bro - a barbarian with a big axe

According to the comments section, the subclass needs some fine-tuning to achieve better balance, but it’s certainly a fun idea, and with a little work could make for an amusing melee-focused Warlock build, for those DnD players who just can’t decide between casting spells and swinging swords.

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