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Fan-made subclass lets DnD Warlock summon fierce Yugioh monsters

This DnD homebrew adds a Warlock subclass which can summon Yugioh monsters to fight for them, or tribute summon a terrifying warrior.

YuGiOh decks - Konami art of Yugi drawing a card

Ever wanted to be a summoner class in Dungeons and Dragons? How about combining a tabletop RPG with your favorite trading card game? Reddit user justin2d101 has made a Yugioh homebrew that does the job for you, helping you roleplay your favorite Yugioh character. This Warlock 5e subclass, ‘The King of Games’ lets the Warlock sit back and do what they do best (being smarmy) while a Yugioh monster does all the work for you.

The way this 5e Warlock subclass works is quite straightforward. At 1st level you gain the ability ‘Summon Spirit Monster’, which lets you summon either a Celtic Guardian, Feral Imp, or Dark Magician Girl to fight for you. (Statblocks for these new DnD monsters are of course provided). You can bring in two at once from 6th level.

You gain the use of additional ‘support spells’ (based on actual spell cards) from 6th level. For instance, Swords of Revealing Light keep an enemy out of the fight for several turns, while Monster Reborn can bring your summon back to life.

DnD Warlock 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of a spellcaster standing over flames

Our favorite part of this DnD homebrew is the 10th level ability, Tribute Summon, because it’s a great reference to the Yugioh card game. This lets you sacrifice your two weaker spirit monsters to bring in a great big one, including some creatures from the most iconic Yugioh cards, like Dark Magician.

The homebrewer acknowledges there are some balance issues to be ironed out before this subclass is perfected – but it’s certainly a pretty sweet first attempt! Justin2d101 says they have more Yugioh monster stat blocks in the works, but has not shared these yet.

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