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The Europa Universalis board game will hit stores next summer

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power will release to retail stores in two versions

Europa Universalis board game release date a section of the game's map showing Western Europe

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power, the upcoming board game adaptation of the Europa Universalis 4 videogame, is planned to receive a retail release next summer, after copies ship to its 2019 Kickstarter backers earlier next year.

Speaking to Wargamer, designer Eivind Vetlesen says the game is close to completion, and requires only a few finishing touches before it’s ready to print. “Everything except the rules is done, basically,” Vetlesen says. “All the components, all the wooden parts, and all the plastics are done. All of the physical aspects of production are in place, so it’s just a matter of getting those print components ready, doing the final proofreading, making sure everything is consistent, and then sending it off.”

When the game hits retail stores at the start of summer next year, it will be available in two versions: deluxe and standard. The deluxe edition of the game caters to a higher player count, boasts a longer playtime, includes higher quality components, and adds a few additional game mechanics. Although previously available to Kickstarter backers, it will only be available as a limited print run in retail stores.

The standard version includes the core game, and will release alongside an expansion pack that adds all the gameplay content of the deluxe version – including those components needed to increase its player count from four to six. It will forgo some of the premium features of the deluxe version, however, using cardboard components instead of wood, and missing the deluxe insert tray.

Exactly when the game will ship to Kickstarter backers is up in the air. Vetlesen estimates shipping could take up to 11 weeks once the game is sent off for printing, placing it in the hands of backers in early 2022.

Originally kickstarted in October 2019, Europa Universalis: The Price of Power was originally planned to ship in September 2020. “Things happened in between then and now – a small pandemic, a big shipping crisis – so we’ve taken a lot more time to develop it than we thought,” Vetlesen says. “It’s also because we chose to take on board the community to such a degree, listening to all their feedback and making a much better game because of that.”

Much like the original videogame on which it’s based, The Price of Power isn’t a small game. You’ll be able to play as any nation on its map through a range of mechanics that let you take control of over 100 playable states.

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