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Live your D&D Rambo fantasy with a new OGL adventure

Everyday Heroes is a D20 Modern inspired TTRPG which uses 5E rules to cast you in classic movies like Rambo, Pacific Rim, and The Crow

Everyday Heroes RPG, Cinematic Adventures - Rambo book and soldiers illustration

Have you ever crafted a D&D campaign based on one of your favourite movies? Tabletop RPG publisher Evil Genius Productions plans to make your party stars of the silver screen in Cinematic Adventures, a collection of adventure books for its upcoming TTRPG Everyday Heroes. According to a press release from Evil Genius on Tuesday, one of these planned expansions places you in the gun-toting, action-packed world of Rambo.

For context, Everyday Heroes is a modern-day roleplaying game based on d20 Modern, a TTRPG that brought Dungeons and Dragons into the real world back in 2002. Everyday Heroes uses the Open Game License (OGL) version of D&D 5E rules, and each Cinematic Adventure book takes you to a specific movie universe in a manner similar to DnD settings like Ravenloft or Spelljammer.

The Rambo Cinematic Adventure introduces several new features to the base game of Everyday Heroes. According to Evil Genius’ website, this includes a new class known as The Survivalist, and a new ‘Military Vet’ background – which sounds like everything you need to create your very own John Rambo. It also includes new rules mechanics for Guerilla Warfare and Mass Casualties. This adventure, along with the rest of the Cinematic Adventures in this series, will be exclusively available through a Kickstarter launching on May 17.

Evil Genius announced seven other Cinematic Adventures along with Rambo, which make up the ‘2023 Season of Adventure’. The other adventures will be based on Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape from New York, The Crow, Total Recall, and Universal Soldier.

Everyday Heroes RPG, Cinematic Adventures - Rambo book on blue background

According to Tuesday’s press release, the entire season will be available for $130 / £103.81 – which is discounted from the $20 / £15.97 each adventure will cost individually. In addition to the Cinematic Adventures, the Everyday Heroes Kickstarter will offer a core rulebook, a Military Heroes expansion, and two sourcebooks that provide guides to using weapons and modern vehicles in your tabletop RPGs. The core book includes six base classes, over 50 professions and backgrounds, and more than 100 feats.

Each adventure will reportedly be approximately 100 pages long, and Evil Genius also says that “premier franchises such as Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim will be followed by a series of World Books to support extended storytelling in these worlds”. Based on the press release, it’s not yet clear if Rambo will be one of the movie universes getting its own World Book.

Jeff Grubb, d20 Modern co-creator and original D&D Spelljammer author, is working as a design consultant with Evil Genius on Everyday Heroes. The rest of the team working on Everyday Heroes is equally experienced – d20 Modern co-creator Rich Redman, as well as ex-D&D designers Bill Slavisek and Charles Ryan, all worked on the game.

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