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21 more horror wargames that aren’t Warhammer 40k

If Wargamer's guide to the best horror wargames doesn't have quite what you're looking for, consider these recommendations from subreddit r/Wargaming.

Best horror wargames that aren't Warhammer 40k, community suggestions - an eyeless fish monster from Carnevale

Halloween is approaching, which was all the excuse Wargamer needed to publish a guide to the best horror wargames last week. The good gamers in the r/Wargaming subreddit had their own suggestions for games that were missing, and there’s so many cool looking games in there – including a few we can’t believe we missed – that we thought we’d share them all with you.

Check out our original guide to the best horror wargames if you haven’t done so already – we stand by our picks! But Reddit gave us suggestions for so many horror miniature wargames (and one war board game) that we’ve summarised them in a table:

Game Horror genre Description
7TV Pulp A flexible skirmish game inspired by pulp movies and TV of the 60s-80s.
Ambush Z Zombies A standalone set of zombie rules for Ambush Alley, a game of asymmetric modern urban warfare
Carnevale Gothic and Lovecraftian Parkour and monsters in rennaissance Venice
Chaos in Carpathia Gothic Skirmish wargame inspired by classic vampire and werewolf films and literature
Country Road Z Zombies Rural survival and community building in the zombie apocalypse
Fear and Faith Generic The horror version of the flexible Song of Blades and Heroes rules
Fear of the Dark Lovecraftian Solo Lovecraftian horror wargame
Forbidden Psalm Fantasy Grim and ridiculous skirmishes in the world of Mork Borg
Ghost Rangers Ghosts An expansion for Fear and Faith heavily inspired by Ghostbusters
Gothic Horror: Vampire Wars Gothic Humans vs vampires or werewolves
Malifaux Steampunk Competitive skirmish game with a hybrid aesthetic that blends horror, Steampunk, wuxia, and more
Nuklear Winter 68 WW3 A cold war gone hot boardgame set in a post-apocalyptic Europe
Pulp Alley Lovecraftian A flexible pulp wargame that easily accommodates Lovecraftian horror
Silver Bayonet Gothic Napoleonic skirmishes with European monsters
Skirmish Ragers Zombies Fast paced skirmish rules for the Zombie apocalypse
Stargrave: Quarantine 37 Sci-fi Rules for aliens and zombies for the sci-fi skirmish warband game Stargrave
Strange Aeons Lovecraftian A dedicated Lovecraftian horror hunting wargame
Sundown Slashers Slashers Expansion to the game Duel: players control one hero each, while a relentless Slasher hunts them down
Tales of Horror Gothic Expansion for Fistful of Lead: turns the game of Western shootouts into Universal horror
Verrotwood Folk horror A grimdark fantasy skirmish wargame inspired by folk horror
Zona Alfa Sci-fi Lead bands of mercs or scientists into a Zone of weird physics and strange creatures

We’re honestly surprised that we forgot Verrotwood, which is just the kind of folk horror that we love. Then there’s Zona Alfa, which is based on the truly excellent sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers.

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As this list shows, many horror wargames are skirmish games that only need a few figures. They’re a great excuse to get painting miniatures from outside your normal Warhammer 40k faction. Why not take a break from smashing out Space Marines and whip up a few zombies, survivors, and maybe a vampire or two?

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