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The best Lego Animal Crossing sets to buy in 2024

The Lego Animal Crossing sets have arrived! Don't let your Bells be a burden, invest them wisely in turnips… or these adorable Lego sets.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Nook's Cranny and Rosie's House

Welcome to the wild world of Lego Animal Crossing sets! These sets open up new horizons as you have the freedom to create your very own Animal Crossing island, Lego style. If you’re turning over a new leaf by buying your first Animal Crossing Lego set, we’re here to help you find your perfect kit.

With these new Lego sets, you can choose to display each set individually or combine them for the ultimate homage to the beloved franchise. Plus, interchangeable base plates mean you can customize to your liking. For younger enthusiasts, the Lego Animal Crossing range provides hands-on play away from the screen. These are also exquisite display pieces that truly capture the essence of Animal Crossing, so they make great Lego sets for adults.

Now that we’ve discussed the general perks of the Animal Crossing Lego sets, let’s delve into each one individually. We’ve curated this list, starting with our absolute favorites in the range. Let’s get started!

Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House

Overall, this is the best Lego Animal Crossing set.

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Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House specifications:
ID 77050
Pieces 535
Minifigures 2
Age 7+
Reasons to buy
  • Well designed – looks just like the games
  • Lots of attention to detail
  • Relaxing build
  • Tom Nook and Rosie Minifigures
Reasons to avoid
  • No Timmy and Tommy Minifigure
  • The most expensive Lego Animal Crossing set

The Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House set includes both buildings and a delightful array of iconic elements from the games. Assembling it is a breeze, taking just over an hour even at a leisurely pace, providing a wonderfully relaxing building experience.

The exterior of both buildings closely resembles their New Horizon counterparts. Nook’s Cranny has the iconic notice board, striped canopies, and shipping bin – you’ll even find a little something in the bin.

Rosie’s house, although slightly less curved than in the game, is depicted perfectly with round beige roof tiles and a wall lamp. You have the option to switch between round brown or square pink windows, adding to the customization. The cloud of smoke pouring out of the chimney and the charming pink table with tea and cookies complete the scene.

While compact, each building’s interior is filled with detail. Nook’s Cranny features sellable items like a pink guitar and gardening essentials, including seeds and a recipe card. There are bells on the counter too.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Nook's Cranny and Rosie's House

Rosie’s house, decorated in vibrant pink, features an iridescent lampshade and a Bubblegum KK record on the wall. You can even customize the furniture arrangement to your liking.

On top of all this, the minifigures are fabulous. Peppy Rosie is featured in her pink ‘Dazed’ dress. Nook is featured wearing his island T-shirt, and he has a rubber tail which connects seamlessly between his legs and torso. Not to mention the bells accessory – of course, Nook is going to be carrying a bag of bells.

It’s a shame we don’t get Timmy and Tommy Minifigures too. And it’s worth noting that this is the most expensive Lego set on this list. But apart from that, we can find very few faults with Nook’s Cranny.

Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour

Kapp’n’s Islands Boat Tour is the most authentic Lego Animal Crossing set.

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Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour specifications:
ID 77048
Pieces 233
Minifigures 2
Age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Closely resembles the in-game depiction
  • Features Marshall Minifigure
  • Fun intricate details like the crab and hidden bells
  • The boat is impressive
Reasons to avoid
  • The flag does not feature the logo
  • The set does not float

Gazing upon this scene transports us to Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tours, where he regales tales of adventure and discovery through sea shanties (I done me best to chart this great big ol’ world…). Packed with elaborate details like bamboo trees, a scuttling crab and a fishing rod, this set is truly one to shell-ebrate. Complete with a refreshing coconut drink—a craftable item in the game—and a hidden stash of bells beneath the liftable rock, every element exudes the essence of island life.

The boat stands out as particularly impressive, with a rudder that moves from side to side. Kapp’n’s boat is adorned with familiar details such as a lamp, coffee flask, and life ring, adding an authentic touch to the scene.

However, a minor enhancement could be adding the iconic ‘mountain’ logo to the red flag. Interestingly, the box includes a cautionary note stating, “model does not float,” sparking debate on whether a floating option would enhance the set’s appeal.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Kap'n's Island boat tour

In total, assembly takes about 45 minutes, offering a relaxing experience that pairs perfectly with listening to some KK Slider tunes (perhaps ‘Marine Song 2001’ on repeat?). Building the coconut trees is particularly fun. The top leaves are on hinges, allowing you to adjust their position up and down.

This set stars the fan-favorite smug villager, Marshall, sporting his signature navy blue puffy vest and a smoldering expression. Known for his strolls around town with a sandwich in hand, it’s fitting that this set includes a buildable sandwich.

Meanwhile, Kapp’n is dressed in his iconic blue summer shirt. In New Horizons, he has shades folded over his pocket. His Lego counterpart has these shades resting on his head. A wonderful touch!

Isabelle’s House Visit

This set offers the best value for money in the Animal Crossing Lego range.

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Isabelle’s House Visit specifications:
ID 77049
Pieces 389
Minifigures 2
Age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Intricate details like a floating balloon
  • Arguably the best value for money
  • Contains two iconic Minifigures
Reasons to avoid
  • One of the least accurate Animal Crossing Lego sets

The Lego web page for Isabelle’s House Visit promises “a tour of Fauna’s house with Isabelle”, but we’re not convinced this description is accurate. In both New Leaf and New Horizons, Fauna’s home boasts a distinctive brownstone roof and beige exterior. This Lego set instead bears a close resemblance to the player’s house after a few Nook upgrades.

The inclusion of a workbench and a tablet further adds to the ambiguity. Surely this is the player’s house? After all, these are key elements of the game for the player.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Isabelle's House Visit

Nevertheless, this set is brimming with detail. The workbench is a delightful addition, complete with a DIY card and an assortment of tools, including a slingshot. Customizable windows add a personal touch, offering options between circular blue or square brown frames.

Another detail is the present carrying balloon, cleverly suspended in the air with a translucent brick– perfect for those sling-shot moments. Who knows? Perhaps it contains a surprise? The puff of smoke from the chimney and the tile identifying a diggable area adds to the aesthetics as well as flowers reminiscent of yellow hyacinths, an apple tree, and a miniature vegetable patch.

This set takes roughly 50 minutes to assemble and as per the other sets, offers a relaxing building experience. It features two Minifigures: Fauna sporting her ‘Shearling’ coat from New Leaf, and Isabelle in her signature work attire. This set offers so much that it’s arguably the best value for money out of the Animal Crossing Lego range.

Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities

This is the most interactive Animal Crossing Lego set.

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Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities specifications:
ID 77047
Pieces 164
Minifigures 1
Age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Very well priced
  • Paper bags instead of plastic
  • Unique vaulting pole mechanism
  • Contains a Bunnie Minifigure
Reasons to avoid
  • Bunnie’s bed is so small

Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities is a petite but detailed set. As with the entire Animal Crossing range, it provides a calming building experience, typically taking around 20 minutes to complete.

Notably, the packaging for this set comes in eco-friendly paper bags, a commendable move towards sustainability by Lego. This begs the question, why were the other sets in the range housed in plastic bags?

Bunnie, the peppy rabbit, steals the spotlight in this set. Dressed in a ‘Lively Plaid’ dress with an excited grin and a marshmallow on a stick for toasting over the blazing fire, this Minifigure perfectly captures Bunnie. Many of us dreamed of bumping into her on an island tour and inviting her back to our town to live. Lucky for us, she can live on our Lego island!

Lego Animal Crossing set, Bunnie's Outdoor Activities

What sets this set apart is its unique mechanism that allows Bunnie to hop across the river using a vaulting pole, adding an interactive element to the play experience. Similar to the Kapp’n’s Boat Tour set, a hidden bell is concealed beneath a rock, adding an element of surprise. The tent, though simple, is aesthetically pleasing, with swiveling sides that allow Bunnie to be tucked into bed – although her bed is somewhat cramped.

For many players, Island tours were a way of collecting bugs for either the museum or to flog to Nook. This set plays homage to that aspect with a butterfly and also a scary tarantula (Oh gosh, if we catch that scary Lego critter we can make a sweet 8,000 bells!). Whether for recreating island adventures or simply for display, this set delightfully captures the essence of Animal Crossing.

Julian’s Birthday Party

This is the most colorful Lego Animal Crossing set.

Today’s best deals
Julian’s Birthday Party specifications:
ID 77046
Pieces 170
Minifigures 1
Age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Very well priced
  • Pops with color
  • Contains a Julian Minifigure
Reasons to avoid
  • The cherry blossom tree is confusing

Villagers’ birthdays are delightful occasions to commemorate in the world of Animal Crossing. It’s a chance to strengthen bonds by attending and presenting a thoughtful gift, not to mention the delightful birthday cupcakes you’ll receive as a player! With Julian’s birthday falling on March 15th, the Julian’s Birthday Party Lego set lets you celebrate his special day every day.

Taking roughly 18 minutes to assemble, it’s a steal thanks to its low price. And let’s not forget the star of the show – the Julian Minifigure. Dressed in his iconic ‘Space Parka’, the shimmering silver and pink decal is a nice touch.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Julian's Birthday Party

While this set may be the smallest in the collection, it’s packed with detail. The set features a birthday cake adorned with a unique Lego tile depicting chocolate frosting dripping down the sides, complete with a candle. It wouldn’t be a birthday without balloons and bunting either, so these are present too. The bunting is particularly therapeutic to assemble.

There is also an array of colorful presents, one of which opens to reveal a gift, especially for Julian! This set certainly stands out with its vivid hues.

Despite its charm, the inclusion of a Cherry Blossom tree may raise a few eyebrows. While warmly welcomed, it does seem a bit out of season considering Julian’s March birthday. Nonetheless, it adds variety for those who want to own all the sets. Ultimately, this is a pedantic commentary because, above all, this set is very well priced considering the amount of detail.

Lego Animal Crossing set, Nook's Cranny and Rosie's House

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