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New MTG Arena spoiler has fans hopeful for multiplayer mode

Will Magic: The Gathering Arena ever give us three- or four-player MTG games? A new Alchemy spoiler hints that it’s certainly possible.

MTG Arena Alchemy spoilers - Wizards of the Coast art of characters from Murders at Karlov Manor

The specific wording of an MTG Arena Alchemy card has sparked theories that bigger multiplayer games may be coming to the platform. Shared on February 28, ‘Juggle the Performance’ makes reference to “each player” as well as “the player to their right”. That’s the kind of language we’d expect from a four-player Commander game.

The Sorcery card reads as follows: “Each player discards their hand, then conjures a duplicate of each of seven random cards from the library of the player to their right in their hand”. “The duplicates perpetually gain “Mana of any type can be spent to cast this spell”.”

MTG Arena Alchemy spoiler, Juggle the Performance

Juggle the Performance is one of 30 cards releasing on March 5 as part of Arena’s Alchemy: Karlov Manor MTG set. It’s digital-only, and the cards will only be legal in Alchemy, Historic, Timeless, and Brawl.

No paper MTG Commander deck will ever feature this digital card, but its wording has fans online speculating about the MTG format’s future on Arena. Why imply the existence of more than one player if no wider multiplayer mode is coming?

This isn’t the first time Wizards of the Coast has hinted that three- or four-player games might be coming to Magic’s main digital platform. In February 2023, Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks hinted that Arena games for three or more players were on Wizards’ priority list (thanks, The Gamer).

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Wizards of the Coast can hint until the cows come home, but that doesn’t stop large multiplayer games posing a challenge for Arena. Its current UI would need a lot of adjustments to make space for three or four decks – particularly for mobile players who have a much tinier screen to work with.

Still, we can dream about the day when we might face three different MTG Arena decks all at once. If you want to stay grounded in reality, be sure to follow us on Google News for more Magic: The Gathering updates. We can also point you to the very real MTG Arena codes that still work on the digital trading card game platform.