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You can finally set your favourite land card on MTG Arena

At long last, Wizards of the Coast has added a feature to MTG Arena that lets you set a default land card, sparing us the finger ache of doing it all manually

MTG Arena - artwork from a forest land card showing a path through the woods with green banners around it.

Wizards of the Coast is answering the prayers of MTG Arena fans everywhere, and adding a feature that lets you pick your favourite land card, to be automatically added to your decks. From February 28, you’ll be able to use this ‘preferred printing’ feature to select a default option for any MTG Arena card that has multiple variants.

That’s right, no longer will players, looking to express themselves with a specific choice of land, be forced to give their index fingers an intense workout, laboriously clicking to remove the wrong lands one by one, and then (again, one by one) adding their preferred lands back to the deck. Soon it will be so much simpler. With just one click of a button, you’ll be able to set a default land.

At the moment, MTG Arena automatically adds the newest basic land cards to any deck you create. Anyone wanting to change this has to put in a good deal of time and effort, so most players don’t bother, and we miss out on loads of lovely land art as a result.

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This preferred printing feature doesn’t just work for MTG Lands. It also works for non-land cards with several printings – but it’s the land part that we’re celebrating!

“This has been by far one of the most requested features on Arena,” Blake Rasmussen said on his WeeklyMTG stream on Tuesday, where the announcement was made. “We’ve been talking about bringing it to you for a few years now… it took a little longer than we planned,” he admitted. But now it’s here!

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