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Ixalan MTG card gets emergency ban thanks to Arena bug

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Magic: The Gathering card Fabrication Foundry has been banned on MTG Arena, thanks to a bug that would make it supremely OP.

The MTG gnome Fabrication Foundry with a big red cross over it.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan MTG card Fabrication Foundry has been temporarily banned in all formats, after a game breaking bug was discovered on the set’s day of release. Wizards of the Coast says the white rare card “will be temporarily prohibited” while it works to fix the problem.

MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan arrived on MTG Arena on November 14, 2023 – just a few days before the cards are due to come to stores. The Fabrication Foundry bug was spotted early on, and the card was banned before the day was out.

Pro tour player and Magic streamer Meebo tweeted about the bug shortly after the Ixalan update went live, and may have been the one to draw it to Wizards’ attention. According to her account of the issue, the problem with the card Fabrication Foundry revolves around its second ability.

The MTG card Fabrication Foundry

This ability is supposed to let you exile any number of artifacts you control and return another artifact with equal mana cost from your grave to the battlefield. But it looks like that ‘with equal mana cost’ bit has been botched. Instead you can return any artifact, regardless of cost. You could theoretically exile a treasure and bring back a Portal to Phyrexia!

Thankfully, unlike the crowbar sacrifice bug from earlier this year, Fabrication Foundry was caught very early, before people started crafting barmy MTG Arena decks with it. It’s currently banned in all MTG formats, but it’s not on any MTG banlist – the card will be back soon.

MTG Arena screenshot of a draft

Obviously it’s good that the issue was spotted sooner rather than later, but it is sad when Fabrication takes up your rare slot in Draft, or (much worse) Sealed games – as we discovered yesterday evening. PSA: if this happens to you, file a support ticket. Wizards is usually pretty good about refunding this sort of thing.

Right now you can get three free Ixalan packs if you check your Arena inbox. For older sets, there are still some MTG Arena codes working, and you should redeem them while you still can.