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MTG Arena’s Post Malone event offers unique ‘Posty’ sleeves

Wizards of the Coast brings even more Post Malone to Magic: The Gathering with an MTG Arena ‘concert’ event themed around the rapper

MTG Arena Post Malone concert event - Wizards of the Coast art of Post Malone with glowing magic tattoos

Rapper Post Malone continues to stake his celebrity claim over Magic: The Gathering with an MTG Arena concert event. It won’t be an actual performance of Posty’s music; instead the concert is a no-entry-fee event where players go head-to-head with five pre-constructed Historic Brawl decks. The concert runs from October 20-24, starting at 8am PDT / 4pm BST.

According to a blog post shared by Wizards of the Coast on October 13, players can earn themed ‘Posty’ sleeves (see below) from the concert event. One win earns a Plains sleeve, and two wins get you an Island sleeve. Three wins equal a Swamp sleeve, four a Mountain sleeve, and five wins finally get you the Forest sleeve.

Not content with owning the world’s most expensive Magic card and actually being a Secret Lair Magic card, Post Malone is now also immortalised in Arena through several deck-specific avatars. Stickers will also be available in the MTG Arena Store.

MTG Arena Post Malone concert event sleeves from Wizards of the Coast

Here are the five Post Malone Arena concert decklists:

  • Avant-garde Bard (mono-green)
  • The Devil’s Interval (black-red)
  • Spells da Capo (blue-red)
  • A Song of Sun and Fire (red-white)
  • Green and Blues scale (blue-green)

Full decklists for each can be found in the original Wizards of the Coast blog post. For even more Post Malone, here’s that time he offered $100,000 to beat him at MTG. We’ve also got a guide to the most expensive Magic cards that may one day join the rapper’s library.