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Wizards is gifting its $999 MTG set to multimillionaires

Wizards of the Coast is giving away copies of its $999 MTG 30th Anniversary edition to rich celebrities and influencers, and many fans aren't best pleased

MTG 30th anniversary edition - artwork of a pirate throwing gold coins into the air.

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast is giving away multiple copies of the MTG 30th Anniversary edition, now infamous for its whopping $999 price tag, to wealthy celebrities and influencers.

Those tweeting out pictures of the product, and thanking Wizards for the gift, include former MLB player Hunter Pence, actor Joe Manganiello, and ex-NFL player (and current NFT collector) Cassius Marsh. According to the site celebritynetworth.com, their net worths range from $2 million (Marsh) to $45 million (Pence).

We’re not sure if sites like this are all that accurate, but it seems fair to assume all three are doing a far sight better than the average Magic fan. And the average Magic fan has not been very happy to see them receive this out-of-reach product, seemingly for free.

MTG 30th anniversary edition with a Timetwister card

Indeed, influencer posts showing off a copy of the product have been pretty universally met with ire online. Rather than generating hype for the MTG 30th Anniversary edition, as was surely the intent here, there’s been a lot of negative buzz – which makes sense given how much this set has enraged the MTG fanbase.

The replies and quote tweets on Marsh and Pence’s posts in particular are fairly hostile, and filled with complaints that these influencers are being tone deaf. “Nice to see Wizards of the Coast giving away free stuff to rich people who could already afford the product,” tweeted @yasashiiweeb, and the sentiment is echoed multiple times by other Twitter users.

MTG 30th anniversary edition with a Mox Opal card

One thing that’s worth noting about these influencer copies of the MTG 30th Anniversary Edition is that they differ from the regular versions you can buy for a grand in one important way. Wizards of the Coast has put an additional copy of a Power nine card in each one, with Marsh and Pence each showing off Timetwister, and Manganiello getting a Mox Jet. These are among the most expensive MTG cards ever, and therefore the most valuable cards you can pull in the 30th Anniversary Edition.

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