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Powerful black MTG card spikes by 480%

The March of the Machine MTG card Breach the Multiverse is currently spiking, rising from below a dollar to $3.50, as fans begin to take notice.

Magic the Gathering, an abstract piece of art showing metallic roots plunging through portals - the whole scene is a deep purple.

The MTG card Breach The Multiverse is enjoying quite the price spike. While it’s still a low cost card, this seven mana reanimation spell has shot up by 483% in under a fortnight. The card, printed in March of the Machine, was looking like a bulk rare, priced at $0.60 at the end of April. Now it’s on the rise, and has currently hit $3.50, according to MTG Goldfish prices.

Breach The Multiverse lets you mill everyone for ten, then reanimate a creature or planeswalker from everyone’s graveyard. It can be a game-winning finisher in any black EDH deck, but there are plenty of ways to win Commander games for seven mana, so that alone is not probably not sufficient to explain the price spike.

Magic: The Gathering: The MTG card Breach the Multiverse.

However, it is certainly an attractive card for the Commander format, at least for casual play. You can create combos with sacrifice outlets and creatures that copy spells, and the mill ensures it’s never a dud card. A comparable MTG card, as pointed to in this thread on Reddit, is the $15 Rise of the Dark Realms. Sure, Breach lacks some of Rise’s explosive power – you only get one card from each graveyard instead of all of them – but the milling effect ensures you’ll always get juicy targets, even if you run into graveyard hate.

Another reason Magic fans seem to be taking notice of this card could be its place in the Standard format. Surprisingly enough, many competitors in the recent March of the Machine pro tour used Breach The Multiverse as a game finisher. Prominent MTG players Jim Davis and Reid Duke ran the card, as did Autumn Burchett, who finished in the top four with their Orzhov deck.

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