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Overlooked MTG March of the Machine card spikes by over 300%

The MTG card See Double has seen a 340% price spike during the first week of March of the Machine - this versatile spell seems to be on the rise.

MTG artwork showing a person wielding a scythe and a water elemental copy of them.

MTG March of the Machine has been out for a week now, and there’s plenty of ups and downs to follow as cards jostle for position on the secondary market. One new MTG card that’s particularly caught our eye this week is the four mana instant See Double, which has had a 340% price rise in the last seven days.

This low-cost card is still only $2.17 right now, so hardly breaking the bank, but according to MTG Goldfish prices, it’s rising fast. Just five days ago it cost 50 cents. A versatile blue spell that can copy instants and permanents (both if you’re lucky) See Double seems like it has potential in the Commander format, where it can slot into multiple archetypes. It can fit into spellslinger decks that want to copy instants and sorceries, and those that want a clone spell.

As for its place in Standard, it’s harder to imagine it having a huge impact or finding a spot in the best MTG Arena decks, but there is a list out there gaining some traction. MTG content creator Saffron Olive shared a Grixis (red/blue/black) deck running See Double and Capricious Hellraiser, noting on Twitter that “See Double is a lot better than people think in a world where so many decks are playing Atraxa”.

The MTG card See Double

It’s early days, and time will tell whether this card can reach escape velocity, or is pulled back down to the status of bulk rare. March of the Machine is still a brand new set, and things are changing all the time. For instance, Urabrask recently surpassed Elesh Norn as the most expensive Praetor in the set, but now she’s back on top. The best Battle cards have also surpassed expectations price-wise, but it appears for now they may have reached their peak.

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