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Urabrask beats Norn as MTG March of the Machine’s top Praetor

Urabrask has become the most expensive card in MTG March of the Machine, beating out the ever-popular Elesh Norn thanks to his spell-slinging potential.

MTG Urabrask artwork showing the praetor running down a mountain

Urabrask’s rebellion might not have done much in March of the Machine’s story, but the red Praetor is finally getting the last laugh, becoming the most expensive Praetor of the set. His card currently sits at $30, while Elesh Norn is down at the $28 mark.

While Elesh Norn was previously expected to be the most expensive MTG card in March of the Machine, in line with her appearance in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, the white Praetor has slowly gone down in anticipated value as the set’s release date nears (at least according to MTGGoldfish estimates). Meanwhile, Urabrask has stayed pretty much at a level (and he’s the only Praetor in the set to do so).

While all the Praetors are powerful, and Elesh Norn in particular is an absolute juggernaut as always, March of the Machines’ Urabrask has the more unique, more powerful effect. He’s an incredible card in a spellslinger deck, able to generate mana and deal damage to your opponents whenever you cast spells.

Then he flips, board wipes, makes treasure, and finally sets you up for a killer turn in which he gives you all your spells back, then become a creature again so he can help you ping your foes to death. Basically, he’s Birgi, God of Storytelling on steroids.

It remains to be seen whether some clever brewer can devise an Izzet list that makes this a top MTG Standard deck, but this is certainly the best Urabrask ever printed and seems destined to become a popular MTG Commander.

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