MTG: March of the Machine release date, story, news, and spoilers

In April 2023, March of the Machine sees the entire MTG multiverse join forces for one epic battle - from dates to cards, here’s what we know about the set

Magic the Gathering march of the machine: MTG artwork of Teferi, with a giant image of Elesh Norn behind him.

The second Standard Magic: The Gathering set of 2023 will be March of the Machine. The final battle capping off the epic Phyrexian plotline that’s been running for four sets now, March of the Machine is set across numerous planes and contains fan-favourite characters from the length and breadth of the multiverse. It looks like these worlds have been joined in some way, as promo artwork shows Kaldheim gods standing shoulder to shoulder with Strixhaven students. Mysterious!

With the set still a ways off, we’ve yet to catch wind of any card spoilers. But from March of the Machine’s release date to its story, here’s all you need to know about the biggest MTG set of 2023. Be sure to check out our MTG 2023 release schedule for everything else that’s coming out in the coming months.

Magic the Gathering march of the machine: artwork showing a range of characters including the planeswalker chandra, ready to fight phyrexia.

March of the Machine release date

March of the Machine’s tabletop release date is April 21, so it’ll be fully available in paper after a week of prerelease events from April 14–20. For all you Magic Arena (or Magic Online) players, the set gets its digital release on April 18.

While the key release dates have been laid out for us, we don’t yet know when March of the Machine’s spoiler season is starting. Based on recent sets, we’d guess a little under a month before the tabletop launch – so definitely check back in around March 10 – we’ll show you all the best cards as they come ‘marching’ in.

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March of the Machine spoilers

It’s still too early for March of the Machine spoilers to be doing the rounds, but when there are real, legitimate cards to pore over, we’ll be sure to display them here.

Currently, other than promo art, all that’s spoiled of March of the Machine are the set symbols and booster packaging. The main set symbol is Elesh Norn’s sword forming a rotated version of the Phyrexia symbol, while the Commander set symbol is Elesh Norn herself. Packaging for the set shows the MTG Planeswalkers Teferi and Chandra taking a prominent role, as well as characters from basically every modern set you could care to name.

Magic the Gathering march of the machine: Elesh Norn's pale basilica, with realmbreaker tentacles stretching up.

March of the Machine story

MTG head designer Mark Rosewater has said March of the Machine will introduce huge changes that will shape both Magic: The Gathering’s mechanics and its story. There’s even a whole mini set planned just to show off how “the very fabric of the multiverse has fundamentally changed”. Whatever happens in the fight, whether the Phyrexians take over entire planes or are effortlessly crushed, MTG March of the Machine definitely won’t be your average Magic set.

Few concrete story details on March of the Machine have been shared, but we’ve had plenty of cryptic hints and lots of artwork to fuel our speculation engines. The key story beats are all but confirmed: The Phyrexians have built Realmbreaker, their own version of the Kaldheim world tree, which will allow them to merge entire planes and attack the whole multiverse at once, under Elesh Norn’s command.

It seems, though, that the goodies will use these portals too, and come together to fight the Phyrexians as one big army: a bigger Avengers Assemble moment than War of the Spark. What’s unknown currently is who will make it to the other side of the war, and if the multiverse is going to remain all joined up afterwards. (It kinda looks like it might). Plus, there’s also the currently unrevealed league of compleated planeswalkers to worry about.

Magic the Gathering march of the machine aftermath logo

March of the Machine: The Aftermath

If there’s one thing about this set that Wizards of the Coast seems really keen to drill in, it’s that March of the Machine has consequences. So many consequences, in fact, that apparently it needs an entirely separate Standard-legal set to cover them all.

That’s March of the Machine: The Aftermath, a ‘micro set’ that will release on May 12, 2023. It’ll be sold in collector boosters and little epilogue boosters containing just five cards. The key thing to know about this set is that it’s smaller, and has no Common cards – just Uncommons, Rares, and Mythics. The WPN website crypically suggests the set will see players “Rebuild the Multiverse while building up your collection”.

March of the Machine Commander decks

While we don’t know much about March of the Machine’s commander decks yet, we do know that there’ll be precisely five of them – which is usually something that happens when there are multiple different distinct ‘tribes’ in a set – like Strixhaven’s five colleges, or New Capenna’s five crime families.