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MTG planeswalker card reveals Elspeth’s angelic return

A new MTG card spoiler for March of the Machine reveals planeswalker Elspeth's brand new form - she's a radiant angel, with a sweet new card

MTG planeswalker - march of the machine artwork showing elspeth stabbing elesh norn

It was only one MTG set ago that the planeswalker Elspeth Tirel was disintegrated and banished to the shadow realm (beyond the Blind Eternities). We were all pretty certain that death wasn’t going to stick for the main heroine of the Phyrexia plotline, and sure enough she’s back already, stabbing Elesh Norn and saving the day.

As well as starring in the latest chapters of the March of the Machine story, we’ve seen Elspeth’s planeswalker card from the upcoming set. It seems she’s an angel now, Archangel Elspeth to be precise.

The new MTG card is quite the classic White planeswalker, and fairly similar to Elspeth’s original Elspeth, Knight-Errant card. She can make a 1/1 with lifelink; give +1/+1 counters to a creature, make them an angel, and give them flying; and bring back loads of low-cost permanents from the graveyard as her ultimate.

It’s a rather generic card, we think, but pretty damn strong. Notably, the token-making effect is a +1 loyalty ability, so you can protect yourself while ticking up. And the ultimate isn’t too expensive, usable on the third turn after you play Archangel Elspeth.

Despite what you might assume from the artwork above, Elesh Norn definitely isn’t dead yet in the March of the Machine plot, just very angry. Story articles have been coming thick and fast, so if you’ve not been able to keep up, check out our recap of some of the key events.

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