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MTG March of the Machine spoilers show new Wrenn planeswalker

Wrenn and Realmbreaker is an anticipated new green planeswalker in March of the Machine, a three-mana MTG card with many powerful effects

MTG March of the Machine spoilers - artwork of Wrenn and Realmbreaker

A new March of the Machine spoiler has revealed a Wrenn and Realmbreaker planeswalker card. This daring dryad has a brand new appearance, a three mana planeswalker with four very relevant abilities.

It seems there’s some incredibly plot-relevant planeswalkers in MTG March of the Machine. We just saw Elspeth return as an angel, and now Wrenn is here, having merged with the doomsday device that’s allowed Phyrexia to invade the whole multiverse. Get a quick story summary here if you’ve not been keeping up.

As for the card itself, Wrenn and Realmbreaker is a three mana MTG planeswalker, with three loyalty abilities and one static ability. For starters, she immediately fixes your mana, letting your lands tap for all colours. Her +1 power turns a land into an elemental with hexproof and haste until your next turn. Her -2 power mills three cards and lets you pop one back in your hand. And then her -7 gives an emblem that lets you play cards out of the graveyard.

MTG March of the Machine spoilers - The MTG card Wrenn and Realmbreaker

This card is really hard to assess. The fixing is fantastic, but I reckon her elemental-making ability is a bit worse than it looks, since you have to keep using the power to maintain your 3/3 for three. It also won’t untap the land, so if you want to protect Wrenn, you can’t play her on turn three. Three mana has historically been the danger zone for surprisingly impactful Planeswalkers, so while I think this would be a mediocre four mana planeswalker, it’s probably quite strong at this casting cost.

We’ve only seen a smattering of March of the Machine spoilers so far, but keep an eye on our guide as we’ll keep it updated with all the latest. And don’t miss our MTG release schedule to know when everything’s coming up.