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Big red MTG planeswalker card sees 100% price rise

The MTG planeswalker card Chandra, Hope's Beacon is seeing price movement, rising 100% so far this month after a strong showing at the pro tour.

MTG Chandra Hope's Beacon art showing a woman covered in fire

The MTG planeswalker card Chandra, Hope’s Beacon has seen a decent price spike in the last fortnight, rising by 100% across two weeks.

This recent card, printed in the latest (full-sized) Magic: The Gathering set March of the Machine, has gone from $4 at the start of May, to $8 right now, going by MTG Goldfish prices.

Rather than a big Magic Youtube channel or content creator highlighting the card, this price spike seems to have been sparked by its performance at a more competitive level. This planeswalker found a place in Nathan Steuer’s Rakdos Midrange deck, which saw him claim first place at Pro Tour March of the Machine.

MTG Chandra Hopes Beacon card

Chandra, Hope’s Beacon is a great MTG planeswalker, able to ramp and remove threats for some immediate value, and gradually accumulate card advantage, ensuring you’ll win the long game. It’s a big, expensive win condition, but definitely pays for its six-mana cost through sheer power

Chandra’s static ability is particularly powerful, and worth shouting out, letting you copy your spells. In Rakdos decks like Steuer’s, that means taking out two targets with a Go For the Throat or – if you live the dream – a really crushing double Invoke Despair.

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