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Amazon leak reveals unannounced Dominaria MTG set from 2023

An unannounced MTG set due to release next year has appeared on Amazon, with Dominaria Remastered draft and collector boosters coming in January.

Magic the Gathering dominaria remastered - a flying ship, the weatherlight.

Preorders for boxes of an unannounced Magic: The Gathering set called Dominaria Remastered have appeared on Amazon, with the products apparently coming to buyers on January 13, 2023. No artwork or other details about the set’s contents have emerged so far, but we can see that there’ll be draft and collector booster boxes available, priced at $175.56 and $267.48 respectively.

Assuming the January date is correct, Dominaria Remastered will be the second remastered MTG set released in paper. It seems safe to assume it will be a similar offering to 2021’s Time Spiral Remastered set, full of reprints from past MTG sets. Time Spiral Remastered provided a curated draft experience with 289 cards from Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight. There have also been a number of digital remastered sets, Tempest Remastered on Magic Online in 2015, and Amonkhet and Kaladesh Remastered on MTG Arena in 2020.

All previous remastered MTG sets were made with a selection of cards pulled from a specific MTG block. However, because Dominaria is such a central setting in Magic, with dozens of sets and many MTG blocks focused on the plane, it’s impossible to guess from the name alone which sets will be included in Dominaria Remastered.

The Dominaria Remastered set could, for instance, have a few cards from each set that features Dominaria; be drawn from one or two past blocks; or just have more modern cards – say, 2018’s Dominaria combined with cards from the upcoming Dominaria United release.

Magic the Gathering Dominaria United blank packaging.

It seems likely Wizards of the Coast will continue to release new remastered sets in years to come. Magic designer Gavin Verhey has previously said the Invasion block was on his “shortlist” of sets to remaster.

Innistrad: Double Feature from early this year could also be considered a ‘remastered’ set, as it contains cards from two Innistrad sets plopped into one box. Hopefully, it seems unlikely Wizards of the Coast will repeat past mistakes, especially ones they’ve owned up to, so fingers crossed Dominaria Remastered won’t just be a bunch of uncurated black-and-white cards.