MTG Dominaria Remastered release date, cards, and news

Here's the MTG Dominaria Remastered release date and all the key details on this compilation set, which is full of reprints from across the decades

MTG Dominaria Remastered a dragon wrapped around a planet

Dominaria Remastered is the first Magic: The Gathering release of the new year, arriving mid-January 2023. A compilation set that’s entirely made up of reprints, MTG Dominaria Remastered is a curated set of 261 cards taken from 27 different sets, stretching from Alpha all the way to 2019’s Dominaria. The set is a celebration of Dominaria, MTG’s most important, varied, and well-defined plane, and also the focus of much of its story.

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Dominaria Remastered release date

The MTG Dominaria Remastered release date is January 13, 2023 – that’s when the global launch will take place and the set will be available to purchase in stores. Dominaria Remastered is a paper-only set, and not coming to MTG Arena. It’s billed as a limited-run set, so it’s unknown how hard it will be to get hold of the cards, though Wizards has assured it’ll have a larger print run than the previous remastered set Time Spiral Remastered.

Spoiler season for Dominaria Remastered took place between December 6 – 7, with hundreds of cards revealed at once, making this one of the most rapidly spoiled MTG sets of all time. Talk about endless spoiler season!

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How many cards are there in Dominaria Remastered?

There are 261 cards in Dominaria Remastered, all of them reprints – though many cards have brand new artwork. The set will also have rarer versions of 141 of these cards printed with retro frames, including basic lands. Additionally, there are borderless versions of 45 of the cards, featuring alternate artwork.

The Dominaria Remastered set will be sold in draft boosters (designed for MTG draft) and more pricey collector boosters. Each draft booster will have two retro cards, one being a basic land. The collector boosters will be stuffed full of special cards.