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Official Fallout MTG Commander decks are coming in 2024

Magic: The Gathering has a new crossover with the Fallout universe coming, teaming up with Bethesda on a new batch of post-apocalyptic Commander decks.

Fallout Helmet - illustration by Bethesda of a Fallout power-armored helmet

19/10/2023 Looking for the influx of new Fallout spoilers? Check out all the new cards, from Dogmeat to V.A.T.S

Magic: The Gathering has Fallout MTG Commander decks coming out in March 2024, Wizards of the Coast revealed at Gen Con today. For its next Universes Beyond product, Wizards is teaming up with Bethesda Softworks to create a slate of Commander decks set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe. This was revealed on August 5, alongside the whole MTG release schedule for 2024.

Whereas the recent MTG Lord of the Rings release was an entirely new Magic: The Gathering set, MTG Fallout is a smaller release more akin to the MTG Warhammer 40k and MTG Doctor Who crossovers – just a set of EDH decks with Fallout theming.

A press release promises that the new decks “will bring the Wasteland’s many colorful factions to Magic: The Gathering”, teasing “gangs of bloodthirsty raiders, towering super mutants, irradiated monsters, and deadly retro-futurist robots.”

Fallout Vault 111 - a heavy steel door

Are these four groups supposed to represent the four different decks? It seems rather unlikely, since this would miss out on some of the more iconic groups in the Fallout universe, from the power-armor clad Brotherhood of Steel to those Colosseum kids, Caesar’s Legion. In fact, they should just chuck Mr House and the NCR in too; everyone knows Fallout: New Vegas has the best Fallout factions.

As well as the upcoming Fallout decks, Wizards of the Coast shared new details on the upcoming MTG Final Fantasy crossover, a “tentpole booster release” that’s still a long way away, coming in 2025. Apparently this crossover will contain content from every single main Final Fantasy game, all the way from the original 1987 title, to this year’s Final Fantasy XVI. This one’s coming to MTG Arena, just like Lord of the Rings did, indicating that there’s definitely more to this one than some Commander decks.

Universes Beyond seems to be doing well for Wizards of the Coast – provided the attached IP is big enough. We recently found out that Lord of the Rings is the second best-selling MTG set of all time, and expected to be number one by the end of the year. However, all these third-party IPs are costing Wizards something. A drop in profits of 37% in the second quarter of 2023 was chalked up to paying license fees for other companies’ IP.

Check out the brand new MTG release schedule if you’re keen to see what else is coming up in Magic: The Gathering this year. There’s everything from another return to Ravnica (with a mystery twist) to the launch of Modern Horizons 3.