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MTG Eldrazi Jumpstart 2022 pack is missing its big-hitters

Japanese preview reveals that the relatively titchy Endbringer and World Breaker fill the rare and mythic slots for the Eldrazi Jumpstart 2022 pack

Emrakul the Aeons Torn card illustration by Kev Walker from Double Masters 2022

The card list for the MTG Eldrazi Jumpstart pack was revealed on 22 November on Japanese trading card site Dorasuta. We’ve heard rumours that Eldrazi would be part of Jumpstart 2022 for over a year, and the revealed pack shows that Endbringer and World Breaker will occupy the pack’s rare and mythic slots.

Fans of stompy decks who were hoping the pack would be headlined by one of the preposterously large legendary Eldrazi will be disappointed: with a mana value of just seven, World Breaker is a pipsqueak compared to the towering Kozilek, Butcher of Truth – mana value 10 – or Emrakul, the Aeons torn – mana value 15. It does at least come with shiny new Anime style art.

MTG Eldrazi Jumpstart packs - Kozilek, Butcher of Truth illustration by Ian Miller from Double Masters 2022

Even with such disappointingly diminutive monsters, this MTG Jumpstart pack crams in a lot of ramp. The brand new Dimensional Map will be a desirable mana rock for Commander, tapping for one colourless mana and costing only two to cast, and appears to have the ability to rearrange the top four cards of your library to put a land on top when it enters the battlefield – though it’s a little hard to tell while the card preview is in Japanese.

MTG Eldrazi Jumpstart packs - Wizards of the Coast Eldrazi Magic card printed in Japanese

Blisterpod, Brood Monitor, and Scion Summoner all add Eldrazi scion tokens to the board, which can be sacrificed for colourless mana, while Warden of Geometries can tap for colourless mana.

This won’t quite be your chance to relive Eldrazi winter, but it will be another flavourful Jumpstart pack that riffs on one of Magic’s most powerful archetypes (as also seen in the Jumpstart 2022 Urza pack). If you’re interested in a limited format with huge monsters and preposterous ramp, we’ve got some data-driven recommendations on The Brother’s War best cards for the draft format.Or if you want to know just what an Eldrazi even is, try our MTG Eldrazi guide.