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MTG Jumpstart 2022 release date, spoilers, and news

Everything you need to know about Magic: The Gathering's Jumpstart format, including full details on the upcoming MTG Jumpstart 2022 release

MTG Jumpstart artwork of Kamigawa goblin Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, in manga style

MTG Jumpstart is a relatively young format for Magic: The Gathering that lets players skip over the tricky deck-building step of the game and jump right into a match with randomised decks. A unique take on casual MTG, Jumpstart allows players to explore fun themes and form wacky decks in seconds. Right now, a load of new Jumpstart cards are doing the rounds, thanks to the upcoming release of MTG Jumpstart 2022 in early December. Here we’ll cover go over the key Jumpstart 2022 cards, dates, and more news here.

It can be tough to build an MTG deck – though we have our MTG Arena decks guide to help you on that front – so Jumpstart, in which you slap two 20-card packs with interesting themes together, is a brilliant product for anyone still learning how to play MTG. MTG Jumpstart 2022 is the newest Jumpstart product, coming right at the rear of the MTG 2022 release schedule. It’s packed with loads of great MTG commanders, and other treats that have got players very excited.


MTG 2022 release schedule Jumpstart 2022 a fluffy dog lying on its back gnawing on a magic artifact

What is MTG Jumpstart?

To put it simply, MTG Jumpstart is a format where players use 40-card decks, which are randomly created using Jumpstart booster packs. Jumpstart boosters each contain 20 cards, so you simply tear open two packs, shuffle the cards together and, hey presto, you’ve created a Jumpstart deck!

Each Jumpstart booster is assigned a theme based on a particular strategy, creature type, or from MTG history. So you could end up with pirate burn spells, cat slivers, lifelink elves, and so on.

MTG Jumpstart 2022 theme spoilers - Wizards of the Coast art of a yeti

MTG Jumpstart 2022 release date

The upcoming Jumpstart set, MTG Jumpstart 2022 is slated for release on December 2, making this supplemental set the very last entry in our MTG calendar – After this you’ll need the MTG 2023 release dates.

As Jumpstart 2022 is right around the corner, we’ve had a blizzard of spoilers for the set to enjoy. Check out some of the very best below.

MTG Jumpstart 2022 - The artwork from Urza's Tower - a tower sticking out of the desert

MTG Jumpstart 2022 spoilers

Most of the cards in MTG Jumpstart 2022 are reprints, but there are 51 new cards in the set, and you’re guaranteed to get one in every pack you buy. These unique cards are sprinkled throughout the myriad different themes, which include an Eldrazi Jumpstart pack, a Merfolk pack, Rats and Blink packs, Haste and Snow packs, and a mighty mighty Tron pack.

The full MTG Jumpstart 2022 pack list has now been revealed by Wizards of the Coast. There are 46 different themes in the set, which come in a total of 121 possible pack combinations.

You’re guaranteed to get a new card from the set with each Jumpstart 2022 pack you purchase. Other goodies include reprints with brand new art: new takes on famous cards like Blood Artist and Rhystic Study. Each pack will also have a reprint with brand new, anime-inspired art, something that’s cropped up a few times in recent MTG history.

magic the gathering jumpstart beginner: a jumpstart Dominaria United pack on a Wargamer hex background

Every MTG Jumpstart set

Jumpstart was initially released in 2020, in a big fat launch that had 46 different themes – just like Jumpstart 2022. This first Jumpstart set was also released on MTG Arena, with each new card becoming legal in Historic.

Wizards clearly saw what a good way this was to get extra cards into the MTG Historic format, so in 2021 they released Jumpstart Historic Horizons, a new batch of Jumpstart cards that could only be accessed on arena. Along with 46 new themes, this set introduced a number of new, digital only cards, with mechanics that could not be replicated in paper Magic.

In 2022, Wizards announced that it would replace theme boosters with set-specific Jumpstart boosters, starting with Dominaria United. These are a brilliant beginner product in our books, though they’re very different from the mainline Jumpstart sets. Each one has only ten themes, and just a handful of unique cards.

As we’ve mentioned, Jumpstart 2022 is releasing on December 2. However, it seems this Jumpstart set won’t be added to MTG Arena – at least there’s no indication of it at this late stage.