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MTG Jumpstart has a busted Tron pack that’s full of Modern cards

New spoilers have been revealed for this year's MTG Jumpstart set, including an Urza pack that's got a bunch of high power Modern cards

MTG Jumpstart 2022 - The artwork from Urza's Tower - a tower sticking out of the desert

Some new spoilers for MTG Jumpstart 2022 have fans excited about the set’s power level. Alongside some new reprints featuring manga art, a whole 20-card booster for the Urza’s theme was shown off on the MTG Weekly stream on Thursday, November 11. It contains cards you’d expect to see in the high-powered Modern format, rather than a casual product like Jumpstart.

Rather than all the new Urza cards released in MTG The Brothers’ War, this pack is based on the popular (perhaps infamous would be a better word) Urzatron Modern archetype, known for creating an ungodly amount of mana with the Urza’s lands, and then using it in all sorts of horrible ways.

The Urza theme Jumpstart booster pack contains multiple cards from the archetype, including the MTG planeswalker Karn Liberated and the powerful Walking Ballista. To help support them, you get multiple copies of each of the much-loved Tron MTG lands: two power-plants, two mines, and three towers.

MTG Jumpstart 2022 - a decklist

How well these cards will fare when the other half of the deck is trying to do something entirely different remains to be seen, but this theme definitely has a certain ‘wow’ factor to it. None of the rarities of any of the currently teased MTG Jumpstart 2022 packs have been shared so far, but we’d assume this is a Mythic or Rare pack.

MTG Jumpstart 2022 - an MTG card: Karn Liberated

It’s notable that this would be a lot of new cards to bring to MTG Arena, if Jumpstart 2022 is coming to Magic’s digital platform. That’s looking less and less likely as the December 2 release date nears, with still not a peep from Wizards of the Coast on the matter. The first Jumpstart launched digitally, and Arena got its own Jumpstart set, Jumpstart Historic Horizons, in 2021.

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