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MTG Jumpstart has legendary rat and rabbit cards

MTG Jumpstart spoilers are rolling in with new pack themes revealed, featuring both a rat and a rabbit - either of which could be your next commander

MTG jumpstart spoilers - artwork for the MTG card Burglar Rat

The upcoming MTG Jumpstart 2022 set has a whole menagerie of critters. We’ve already seen the exciting new monkey and ape commander, but on Monday, new spoilers revealed a swarming rat and a magical rabbit you’d be happy to pull out of your hat. 

The first of these MTG Jumpstart cards, Ashcoat of the Shadow Swarm, is the mythic card within a tribal ‘Rats’ pack. The pack includes cards such as Crypt Rats and Burglar Rat on the cheaper end, and Ogre Slumlord as a rare.

The new card, Ashcoat, is a legendary creature you could place at the helm of a rat tribal deck. It can mill cards and pull rats out of your graveyard, and on attack it pumps all your rats based on how big your swarm is. You just know someone’s going to run a deck with this and as many copies of Rat Colony as they can cram in. The full pack list was revealed by Adam The Gathering on Instagram.

Another pack theme revealed on November 21 is ‘Blink’, a monowhite pack filled with cards like the new Distinguished Conjurer, that can set up blinks and gain some life in the process. The pack also has cards with good enter the battlefield effects like the token-making Gallant Cavalry, and Streets of New Capenna’s all star common Inspiring Overseer.

Far and away the coolest new Jumpstart card in the pack is the rabbit Preston, The Vanisher. This new age-looking bunny creates weenie 0/1 illusion copies of your creatures when you blink them, but you still get the benefit of neat ETB triggers and their other abilities. Preston can then sacrifice all your illusions to – true to his name – vanish (exile) an opponent’s best permanent. You can find the full Blink packlist at CoolStuffInc.

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