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MTG designer says Magic Origins 2 “more likely than not”

Wizards of the Coast’s MTG head designer Mark Rosewater reckons a Magic Origins 2 style trading card game set is a pretty likely possibility

MTG Magic Origins 2 speculation - Wizards of the Coast art of Nissa, Sage Animist

A blog post shared by MTG head designer Mark Rosewater on October 22 suggests that a second Magic Origins style set is on the horizon. When asked what the odds of a “Magic Origins 2 type set” are, Rosewater responds “I think it’s more likely than not”.

The original Magic Origins set was a 2015 release. It shepherded in a new block structure, and it kickstarted a more in-depth approach to Magic’s storyline. Additionally, Origins was the last Core set (at least, it was for a while – they made a comeback in 2018 and were discontinued yet again in 2021).

As the name implies, the set is an origin story. Double-faced cards for Jace, Gideon, Nissa, Chandra, and Liliana Vess show how the gang became planeswalkers, setting them up as major players in the Magic storyline.

We can only assume any future Origins sets would do the same for different Magic characters and settings. One Reddit thread from Magic: The Gathering fans suggests Origins 2 could focus on the backstories of villainous planeswalkers instead this time, or the set could shed some light on less-explored planes.

Rosewater gives no timeframe in which to expect a Magic Origins 2 type set – he only says in his blog post that one is likely to happen. A lot could happen in Magic’s storyline before this set even starts development. With MTG’s 2023 release schedule drawing near, plenty of plot twists could change who’s most likely to get a fresh origin story.

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