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Ten MTG Aftermath ‘planeswalker’ cards revealed

All 50 cards from March of the Machine: The Aftermath were revealed in one go, including ten new planeswalker cards, now reduced to legendary creatures.

MTG March of the Machine Aftermath: Nahiri with glowing swords around her

On Tuesday, May 2, every single MTG March of the Machine: The Aftermath card was revealed, in one long MTG Weekly stream with Blake Rasmussen, Emily Teng, and Roy Graham. First and foremost among the 50 spoiler cards are ten which show former planeswalkers, now turned into Legendary creatures.

We know that, according to Roy Graham on stream “the vast majority of planeswalkers have mysteriously lost their spark”, and story articles show Teferi is also desparked – but only the following ten or depicted on new creature cards:

  • Nahiri
  • Nissa
  • Karn
  • Kiora
  • Calix
  • Narset
  • Ob Nixilis
  • Samut
  • Sarkhan
  • Tyvar

Elspeth doesn’t have her own card in the set, but she does appear in art for the card ‘Deification’, where it appears she’s turned into a big Theros god.

The vast majority of these planeswalkers are now stuck on their own home planes (the lore justification is it was natural for most ‘walkers to return home during the fight). Although – another big Magic lore change – it seems there are now portals, ‘Omenpaths’ between planes, that non-planeswalkers can traverse.

Notably, all these cards are legendary creatures, so your favourite MTG planeswalker can now lead your Commander deck. However, the cards are also legal in Standard.

MTG March of the Machine: The Aftermath is releasing in just over a week, coming on May 12, 2023. Check out our MTG release schedule guide for more details