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MTG planeswalkers lose their sparks in The Aftermath

Wizards of the Coast publishes its first Magic: The Gathering story for the next trading card game set, March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

MTG aftermath sparks - Wizards of the Coast art of Nissa

The first story instalment for March of the Machine: The Aftermath set has been released, and it seems MTG planeswalkers are losing their spark in the wake of the Phyrexian invasion. The story was shared by Grace P. Fong on the official Magic: The Gathering website on May 1. The episode follows Nissa, freshly brought back from compleation and struggling to come to terms with the fact she’s no longer a planeswalker.

Nissa isn’t the only hero suffering from a lack of spark; Teferi and Koth have also lost their plane-hopping powers. No one seems certain what’s caused this dramatic shift. “Maybe this is some sort of natural response from the Multiverse”, Nissa muses, “a great pruning, a taking back of that mysterious energy that once filled them”. Chandra is one of the only functional planeswalkers left – which, considering the kiss they shared, only seems to add to Nissa’s crisis of confidence.

MTG aftermath sparks - Wizards of the Coast art of Nissa

It seems that, while the Phyrexia invasion was thwarted, its full impact is yet to be realised. March of the Machine: The Aftermath is due to release on May 12, so there’s plenty of time for more story reveals ahead of the MTG set. You can read the full instalment of this story episode on Wizards of the Coast’s website.

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