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Wolf MTG card stealthily creeps up 500% in price

The wolf MTG card Cemetery Prowler has jumped up in price, thanks to a new, super popular Commander that needs all the good wolves it can get.

MTG card art showing a big wolf

The Crimson Vow MTG card Cemetery Prowler has gotten seriously expensive in recent weeks, pushed up in price thanks to its synergy with a popular new commander. The card was priced at just $2 until mid-January, when it started to rise. It’s since gone up in price by a whopping 465%, now valued at $11.30 on MTG Goldfish and showing no sign of slowing.

The reason for this card’s newfound popularity is one of the most powerful and exciting MTG commanders to come out of the latest premier set Murders at Karlov Manor. Voja, Jaws of the Conclave is a Commander that cares about wolves and elves, encouraging you to combine both MTG creature types when deckbuilding to get the most oomph out of him.

The MTG card Cemetery Prowler

When Voja is on the field, all your MTG elves pump your board, but all your wolves draw you cards. Therefore a balance of both is ideal, and while Commander fans have near-infinite powerful elves to choose from, solid wolves are in much shorter supply.

Cemetery Prowler is certainly one of them though, since he can immediately make all your creatures, and then all your other spells, much cheaper. With a whopping 4,174 Voja decks logged on EDHREC already, and 60% of them featuring Cemetery Prowler, the demand for this card has understandably skyrocketed.

The MTG card Voja, Jaws of the Concalve

A Mythic rarity card printed in only one MTG set, Cemetery Prowler was primed and ready to spike as soon as the right deck for it came along. Voja was that deck.

While we haven’t seen any other big spikes yet, don’t be surprised if other good wolf cards go up in price. Cards that feature Voja’s companion, Tolsimir Wolfblood, are also likely to get pricier, since many of these make both wolf and elf creatures, perfect for this new and highly popular Commander deck.

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