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Rogue MTG card spikes in price by 220%

The MTG card Grim Hireling is spiking in value, as it's the perfect card for two popular commanders in Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

MTG card - A tiefling rogue in a hood

The black MTG card Grim Hireling has shot up in price. This treasure-making rogue is worth 222% more than it used to be. According to MTG Goldfish, it’s gone from $10 to $32.20 in the last couple of weeks – not bad for a 2021 precon card that’s already had one major reprint.

It’s another MTG Commander precon deck that’s to blame for the card’s sudden priciness now. Specifically, the MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction deck, Most Wanted. That’s because Grim Hireling slots perfectly into the deck. So perfectly, in fact, that its absence from the precon seems almost criminal.

What does Grim Hireling do? Well, it has what’s basically a stronger version of face commander Olivia, Opulent Outlaw’s first ability. It lets you make two treasure tokens when one or more of your creatures make contact with an opponent. In a four-player pod, that means you could be making up to six treasures each turn off the ability, which Olivia can then convert into a massive buff for your whole board.

MTG card Grim Hireling

But Grim Hireling’s second ability makes it perhaps an even better fit for the secondary MTG commander that comes in the Most Wanted box, Vihaan, Goldwaker. That’s because Grim Hireling doesn’t just make tons of treasure, he’s also a powerful MTG sacrifice outlet for the token type.

Grim Hireling has an activated ability that lets you sacrifice any number of treasure to give a creature -X/-X until end of turn. And Vihaan, who turns all your treasures into 3/3 creatures on your turn, works perfectly in an aristocrats-style strategy, that wants to make and sacrifice as many treasure tokens as possible.

MTG card Vihaan Goldwaker

Bung in some cards like Murkwood Bats and Marionette Master alongside treasure makers like Grim Hireling, and you’ll have an instant synergistic deck. What feels particularly spicy is you get to use the creature-treasures Vihaan makes to make more treasure with Grim Hireling to animate on your next turn – snowballing swiftly out of control.

We’re always keeping an eye out for new price spikes and expensive MTG cards. Last week, for instance, we spotted the classic discard spell Waste Not rising in price, while earlier a new MTG combo drove an unassuming card skyrocketing in value.