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MTG card spikes 545% due to Thunder Junction infinite combo

An MTG Thunder Junction Commander with an infinite combo sets off a price spike – an outlaw breaking rules, who could have seen it coming?

MTG card Cerulean Wisps, and Wizards of the Coast art of Stella Lee, Wild Card

A pre-con Thunder Junction Commander has triggered a sudden 545% price spike for Cerulean Wisps, a blue one-drop MTG card. The number comes from TCG marketplace MTGGoldfish, which saw the card’s value jump from $1.10 (£0.88) to $7.10 (£5.70) between April 12 and 18. The seeming cause of this leap? A tasty infinite combo.

Cerulean Wisps is an Instant that costs just one blue mana to cast. It turns a target creature blue until the end of the turn, and you can untap that creature. Then, you draw a card. Short, sweet, and simple.

MTG cards, Cerulean Wisps and Stella Lee, Wild Card

Enter Stella Lee, Wild Card. She’s one of the most popular pre-con MTG Commanders from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction MTG set, and the card is a key part of the combo. More specifically, you can tap Stella Lee to copy an Instant or Sorcery spell you control, providing that you’ve already cast three or more spells that turn.

You should be able to see where we’re going with this. When Cerulean Wisps is cast, you can tap Stella Lee to immediately copy it. That copy goes on the MTG Stack, resolving first. It untaps Stella Lee and allows you to draw a card. Then, you can tap Stella Lee again to copy your original Cerulean Wisps. Rinse and repeat.

If you want to, you can draw your entire Commander MTG deck this way. And if you want to really ruffle some feathers, you could cast Thassa’s Oracle for a quick win.

Usually trading card game sites see price spikes at similar times, but TCGPlayer is a little behind MTGGoldfish on this one. TCGPlayer currently estimates that a non-foil Cerulean Wisps is worth $4.93 (£3.96). However, one copy sold on Thursday for $7.00 – so we expect the estimated value will soon spike there, too.

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