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MTG card sees 200% price rise due to murderous synergy

The MTG card Blowfly Infestation has tripled in price in recent months thanks to a new Commander, with the largest movement in the past week.

MTG art fly-covered dung heap

The MTG card Blowfly Infestation is rising in popularity and price. According to MTG Goldfish prices, the card has gone from $2 to $6 in the last couple months, while foil copies see a dramatic leap from $7 to $15.

While MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction is just around the corner, this price spike is not caused by any of the best MTG Thunder Junction cards. Instead, this bump in value seems to be a holdover or delayed reaction from Murders at Karlov Manor.

The MTG card Blowfly Infestation card

Blowfly Infestation is a fairly old card from the 2008 MTG set Shadowmoor. A black enchantment, it works with -1/-1 counters, letting you place one onto a creature whenever a creature with -1/-1 counters on it dies.

As such, traditionally this card gets a lot of work in Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons decks, the going -1/-1 MTG commander. But there’s a new one of these on the block, Massacre Girl, Known Killer, who gives all her creatures Wither and draws cards when they die to the stat-sapping counters.

With Blowfly Infestation and Massacre Girl out, it’s easy to pick off an entire board of 1/1 token critters, drawing an absurd number of cards in the process.

The MTG card Massacre Girl Known Killer

Massacre Girl was one of the very first Murders at Karlov Manor characters spoiled, revealed in the set’s debut stream. It wasn’t long after that Blowfly Infestation started to creep up in value.

It is a bit weird though, that both foil and regular versions of this card saw their most significant price rise on April 10, 2024. You might think that there’s Thunder Junction synergy involved, but as far as I can tell, there aren’t any good Massacre Girl cards in the upcoming set.

This could, therefore, just be a case of demand for Blowfly Infestation beginning to outstrip supply? Or perhaps the villainy theme has inspired more players to pick up the mantle of one of Ravnica’s most wanted?

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more price spike stories, like this giant zombie that’s had a major bump, or the many, many cards elevated by Obeka, Splitter of Seconds. And you can find the most expensive MTG cards of all time here.