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MTG card sees 186% price spike caused by top Fallout commander

The MTG card The Deck of Many Things has almost tripled in price, thanks to its synergy with the most popular commander from MTG Fallout.

MTG art showing a magical deck of tarot cards

An MTG card from Adventures from the Forgotten Realms has spiked in price, going from just $3 at the start of March to $8.60 today. The Deck of Many Things is a Mythic artifact card themed around dice rolling. Just like the DnD deck it’s based on, the card can have a range of effects, some game-winning, other catastrophic. Its recent 186% jump in value has one simple cause: the release of the MTG Fallout decks.

Right now, Mr House, President and CEO is the most popular of the Fallout commanders. He’s a dice rolling MTG commander, who wants you to be throwing down as many dice as possible to generate treasures and 3/3 Robot tokens. And, thanks to some combination of the unusual theme, the new MTG color combination for it, and the importance of the character to Fallout: New Vegas, he’s absurdly popular.

The MTG card The Deck of Many Things

In just a few short weeks, Mr House has come very close to matching Wyll, Blade of Frontiers as the top dice rolling commander. With 3,075 House decks logged on EDHREC versus 3,487 Wyll decks. That means more people than ever are now after copies of The Deck of Many Things.

That’s it really, that’s the reason this card has gone up in price: massive demand due to synergy with a massively popular EDH pick. Honestly, we’re surprised it took this long for Mr House to shoot a card’s price through the ceiling – we’ve already seen at least two different price spikes created by the Wise Mothman.

One thing that’s interesting, and worth considering, is whether The Deck of Many Things is actually any better in a Mr House deck than in other dice-rolling commanders like Wyll or Farideh, Devil’s Chosen?

The MTG card Mr House

There is the fact that, while Wyll only cares that you roll dice, Mr House specifically requires the number rolled to be large. That means repeatable methods for rolling D20s are slightly better for House (and Farideh, who wants you to roll at least a 10).

However, right now EDHREC numbers show that only around 70% of Mr House decks are running The Deck of Many Things, whereas the card shows up in over 80% of other dice-rolling decks.

So it seems the price spike is purely down to numbers: the fact that demand for the card has more-or-less doubled, while supply has remained the same.

Wizards of the Coast recently released a new version of the Deck of Many Things. To find out what it’s like, check out our DnD Deck of Many Things review.