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Mill MTG card sees 290% price spike due to Fallout release

The artifact MTG card Mesmeric Orb has jumped up in price thanks to its powerful effect with one of the exciting new Fallout Commanders.

MTG artwork showing Mesmeric Orb, a metallic sphere floating in a mechanical contraption

The Magic: The Gathering card Mesmeric Orb has seen a price increase of 290%, thanks to the release of the MTG Fallout commander decks. This one’s been a slow burn, as we can track the start of this price rise to October last year. Back then, the card was at rest at $4, but it started to gradually climb around October, reaching $7 last week, before suddenly doubling to hit its current value of $15.60.

Mesmeric Orb is an artifact card that’s designed for Mill-based strategies. Each time a player untaps a permanent, they have to mill one card into their graveyard. This effect doesn’t do much at first, but with players untapping seven or eight lands each turn – plus whatever creatures and mana rocks they control – it can quickly add up.

There’s one particular MTG Commander that’s caused this artifact to rise in price: The Wise Mothman from MTG Fallout. Mesmeric Orb is a shoe-in for this deck, synergising particularly well with The Mothman’s creature-buffing ability.

The MTG card Mesmeric Orb

That’s because the Mothman gives a +1/+1 counter each time one or more non-land permanent is milled. That usually limits the effectiveness of spells and effects that mill multiple cards at once, but the way Mesmeric Orb works, each permanent is a separate instance of milling.

That means, just going once around the table, you can easily stack dozens of +1/+1 counters on your creatures, finishing foes off with combat damage or commander damage from the big moth itself.

The Fallout Commanders were revealed on October 19, 2023 – sure enough, just before Mesmeric Orb began to rise in price. And Magic The Gathering: Fallout got its full release on March 8, 2024 – around the point the card truly spiked.

The MTG card The Wise Mothman

If you’re looking to soup up your Wise Mothman Commander deck and don’t mind the retro border, you can actually still get a copy of Mesmeric Orb for cheaper than $15. The old frame version from The Brothers’ War is going for $10.80 right now, according to MTG Goldfish. It was $5 a few weeks ago, so this version’s clearly spiking too.

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