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This tournament prize MTG card is gold dust for godzilla fans

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the next set of RCQ Secret Lair cards, including this board wipe that looks just like a movie monster poster.

A secret lair version of the MTG card Supreme Verdict, showing Magic monster characters presented as Kaiju

You’ll need to bring your A-game to win this MTG card, which has an awesome Secret Lair look inspired by classic monster movies. This special version of the board wipe spell Supreme Verdict will be available only as a prize to top finishers at the next batch of Regional Championship Qualifiers.

By the looks of things, this Supreme Verdict art by Stephen Andrade is inspired by the 1968 Godzilla movie Destroy All Monsters, a classic Japanese kaiju film that had 11 different beasties duffing each other up.

Specifically, it seems to draw inspiration from a Paul Mann piece created for Godzilla: A Poster Show, in 2020. Wherever the idea came from, it’s a very nice bit of MTG Secret Lair art, well worth competing for if you’re a Godzilla fan.

MTG card Supreme Verdict

The artwork features a bunch of Magic: The Gathering monsters, most from Ikoria, but a couple from other MTG planes as well. We spot Kogla, Yidaro, Gyruda, Vadrok, and Etali amongst the crowd – not sure who the sea serpent and the spider are though. Any ideas?

The competitions where you’ll be able to win this card are taking place at WPN stores between August 3 – November 3, and the MTG format will either be Limited or Modern. Check Wizards of the Coast’s store locator if you’re unsure where your nearest venue is.

MTG card Sleight of hand

Not confident you’ll be able to win this prize? Don’t be too dismayed. Just participating will nab you another cool card with special art, this pretty, minimalist version of Sleight of Hand.

But if you do make it to the big leagues and qualify to participate in the 2025 Regional Championships, you’ll get another nice-looking card, a Nexus of Fate. Love the artwork on this one, but it is pretty hard to read the words. Extra turn spell players deserve it, to be honest.

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