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Combo-breaking MTG card sees a price spike of 250%

The MTG card Quakebringer is spiking in price by over 250%, thanks to the havoc this Kaldheim giant wreaks on a popular Pioneer archetype.

MTG art showing a big fire giant with a sword

The MTG card Quakebringer has spiked in price over the last couple of weeks, going from $1.70 at the start of the month to $6 today (May 15). Based on MTG Goldfish’s price charts, the card has risen by a pretty impressive 253% in that short window.

This giant berserker from the MTG set Kaldheim is getting pricier because it’s seeing play in MTG Pioneer. Specifically, this Magic: The Gathering card has a seat reserved for it in the sideboard of two of the format’s very best archetypes: Niv to Light and Rakdos Vampires.

The MTG card Quakebringer

“But those decks have such different gameplans,” I hear you cry. “What could they possibly both be using Quakebringer for?” Well, that’s the thing – it’s not what Quakebringer does for these decks that’s relevant here, it’s what it does to another popular deck in the Pioneer meta: Abzan Amalia combo.

The Amalia combo deck is incredibly simple, as MTG combos go. All you need is a Wildgrowth Walker, an Amalia Benavides Aguirre, and one other card that either explores or gains life. This sets up a loop that will boost Amalia up to 20 power, wipe everything else off the board, and leave the way clear for her to swing in for lethal damage.

The MTG card Amalia Benavides Aguirre

The best way to stop this deck clean in its tracks is shutting off life gain. And there are a few Pioneer-legal methods of shutting down all life gain in red/black. Rampaging Ferocidon is one, Knight of Dusk’s Shadow is another, and Quakebringer is the third.

At first glance, Quakebringer would seem like the worst option of the three. It costs a whopping five mana, whereas the other choices are just two or three. But the secret is that Amalia decks have no way to deal with Quakebringer. Their main removal option is Skyclave Apparition, which can only hit permanents of four mana or less. So, until they start adjusting to this strategy, Quakebringer is a hard counter for the deck.

The MTG card Skyclave Apparition

That’s why most Niv to Light and Rakdos Vampire lists are popping a single copy of Quakebringer into the sideboard, which – as right now they’re both among the top three decks in the format – is what’s led to this spike. If only all price fluctuations were this straightforward a solve.

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