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Ixalan MTG card sees 400% price spike after Rakdos play

Another Ixalan Magic: The Gathering card bolsters the ever-popular Rakdos Midrange MTG deck, and its price on TCG markets has skyrocketed.

MTG card, Preacher of the Schism (image from Wizards of the Coast)

Another MTG card has soared in price thanks to the renewed popularity of Rakdos Midrange. Between January 3 and 9, the value of Preacher of the Schism went up 400% on secondary Magic: The Gathering market MTGGoldfish – who now values the card at a neat $5 (£3.93). TCGPlayer also saw a 251% spike in the same time frame, now offering a market price of $4.43 (£3.48).

Released in the Lost Caverns of Ixalan MTG set back in November, Preacher of the Schism is an MTG vampire cleric that costs three mana to cast (one black, two colorless). You get a fair amount of value for your three mana, as this is a 2/4 creature with deathtouch and two ‘whenever the card attacks’ abilities.

The first triggers when you attack the player who has (or is tied for) the most life, and it allows you to create a 1/1 vampire token with lifelink for doing so. The second triggers if Preacher attacks when you have or are tied for the most life, prompting you to draw a card and lose a life.

While Preacher of the Schism is a tasty vampire morsel all on its own, the price spike seems to be driven by its increasing inclusion in a range of MTG Arena decks. Rakdos Midrange looks like the main culprit, with its popularity surging over the winter. It’s also responsible for another recent price spike, pushing up the price of Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor along with Preacher.

Lost Caverns of Ixalan has a lot to do with Rakdos Midrange’s competitive resurgence, with many of its new cards appearing in the decks. It seems Preacher of the Schism is well at home here – especially when paired with our best gal, Sheoldred.

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