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New dragon MTG promos will ring in the Lunar New Year

Seven Magic: The Gathering promos will be printed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, but only two have been confirmed for US release.

Wizards of the Coast art of a goblin carrying food from MTG promo card Dragonlord's Servant

On December 18, Wizards of the Coast revealed seven new MTG promos to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year. These cards, each themed around the Year of the Dragon, will be up for grabs throughout the year for APAC (Asia-Pacific) fans. US fans will be able to pick up two of these promos from February 9, but it’s not clear if and when the remaining promos will reach the States.

‘Dragonlord’s Servant’, a red two-mana Goblin Shaman that makes your MTG dragons one mana cheaper to cast, has been reprinted with alternate art. Meanwhile, Temur MTG Planeswalker ‘Sarkhan Unbroken’ also reappears with a new look.

MTG promos dragon cards from Wizards of the Coast, 'Dragonlord's Servant' and 'Sarkhan Unbroken'

“Across APAC, except for Japan, these promos will be part of the APAC League returning for 2024”, Wizards of the Coast writes in Monday’s post. “In Japan, select in-store Standard and Limited events will share these new promo cards. And elsewhere globally, Standard Showdown events February 9–18 are where players can find these promos available.”

MTG promo dragon token from Wizards of the Coast

The APAC League is an Asia-exclusive, year-long series of Standard games that culminate in a championship playoff. Participants in the league can pick up these two promos until March 31, as well as a unique 4/4 dragon token.

MTG promos dragon cards from Wizards of the Coast, 'Steel Hellkite' and 'Mountain'

We did mention seven promos, though – the remaining four will be spread across the year and the season of Standard events. An alternate art version of artifact creature ‘Steel Hellkite’ will be available during qualifier season one, and then a new full-art Mountain will be released to coincide with qualifier season two.

MTG promo dragon cards from Wizards of the Coast, 'Korvold, Fae-Cursed King' and 'Dragon Tempest'

The dragon noble ‘Korvold, Fae-Cursed King’ comes with new art in season three, and the enchantment ‘Dragon Tempest’ similarly returns with season four. Wizards hasn’t mentioned specific dates for its APAC league (or how global fans can grab the cards), but each of the seasons does coincide with the launch of a Standard MTG setMonday’s post says “Additional details for each qualifying season and the December championship will be available later”.

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