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Con-exclusive Secret Lair turns MTG cards into band flyers

An MTG Secret Lair has been revealed for MagicCon: Minneapolis, featuring legendary creatures as punk and metal bands, with cards that look like flyers

magic the gathering secret lair: A faerie in a leather jacket from the

Just when you thought Secret Lair MTG cards couldn’t get any harder to read, Wizards has come up with a new Secret Lair drop, this one featuring cards that look like punk and metal flyers.

Four cards make up the Legendary Flyers (Not That Kind) drop, which will be exclusively available in foil, and only sold separately at MagicCon Minneapolis, priced at $39.99. This Secret Lair has four legendary creatures: Phage, the Untouchable; Sen Triplets; Yisan, The Wanderer Bard; and Alela, Artful Provocateur.

In their cheapest variants, these cards have a combined value of about $14.15 (according to MTGGoldfish prices,) so as with all MTG Secret Lairs, you’re primarily paying for the neat art styles here. The artists for this drop have gone all in with the punk and metal flyer theme, finding space to present card elements as though they’re gig venues and times, and using a range of eye-catching art styles.

MagicCon Minneapolis, where this Secret Lair is being sold, takes place on May 5-7 at the Minneapolis Convention Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tickets go on sale March 9.

If you can’t make it, Wizards says the product will also be included in its Festival in a Box, which delivers convention-exclusive content to fan’s homes – for a premium price. These come bundled with a load of other convention goodies and typically cost hundreds of dollars.

The upcoming convention will fall neatly between MTG March of the Machine and its Aftermath mini set. Check out the MTG release schedule for more details.