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Should you buy the MTG Secret Lair Equinox Superdrop 2024?

Here's the price of every single card reprinted in the currently available MTG Secret Lair Equinox Superdrop - so you can decide which packs are worth buying.

Six new MTG Secret Lairs have been revealed, and gone up for sale today on April 8, as part of the Equinox Superdrop 2024.

The collection of six MTG Secret Lairs includes three based on Fallout, each with art drawn like Vault Boy. The other three include a range of interesting art styles, from the story book illustrations of Phoebe Wahl, to the eerie photography dioramas of Laura Plansker.

We’re quite sold on the art for these, though that obviously comes down to personal preference. One thing we’re quite pleased about is that the text is pretty reasonable. Only one of the lairs breaks the standard MTG frame style, and the cards’ rules text remains clear.

In terms of reprint value, these mainly aren’t looking too hot. Considering you’re paying $29.99 or $39.99 for foils, you might expect at least $30 in card value. But for the most part, we’re looking at the low 20s here, with a couple notable exceptions: one good, and one bad.

On the good side, if you’re building a stax deck (you monster), Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy has almost $50 in expensive and useful cards. But Featuring: Phoebe Wahl has only one card worth more than a dollar, and the total value is one of the worst we’ve ever seen: just $9.65 across five cards.

Diabolical Dioramas

  • Gravebreaker Lamia – $0.58
  • Aura Shards – $11
  • Fiend Artisan – $8.29
  • Karador, Ghost Chieftan – $0.33
  • Total: $20.20

There seems to be a full on animation accompanying each piece from Diabolical Dioramas. These are really cool, but it sucks that you only get to see a still frame from them on the card. I’d probably insist on playing the videos for my opponents each time I played these cards.

Artist Series: Rovina Cai

  • Inalla, Archmage Ritualist – $3.57
  • Aether Vial – $6.49
  • Arcane Signet- $0.48
  • Sword of the Animist – $7.33
  • Total: $17.87

Featuring: Phoebe Wahl

  • Swords to Plowshares – $1.00
  • Faerie Artisans – $0.87
  • Dockside Chef – $0.32
  • Alela, Artful Provocateur – $0.55
  • Door of Destinies – $6.91
  • Total: $9.65

We’ve already shared our thoughts on the MTG Fallout Secret Lairs. But if you’re just interested the stats you can check them out below. They’re a bit better than the non-Fallout lairs, and the Vault Boy one in particular is good value.

MTG Fallout Secret Lair S.P.E.C.I.A.L, with various cards

Secret Lair x Fallout: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

  • Steelshaper’s Gift – $2.99
  • Propaganda – $5.01
  • Elixir of Immortality – $0.55
  • Council’s Judgement – $0.66
  • Idyllic Tutor – $6.43
  • Anger – $4.09
  • Lightning Bolt – $0.38
  • Total: $20.11

MTG Fallout Secret Lair point of interest, featuring various land cards

Secret Lair x Fallout: Points of Interest

  • Bojuka Bog – $1.16
  • Command Beacon – $9.99
  • Fabled Passage – $6.42
  • Reflecting Pool – $5.25
  • Reliquary Tower – $0.99
  • Total: $23.81

MTG Fallout Secret Lair Vault Boy featuring various Stax pieces


Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy

  • Trinisphere – $16
  • Winter Orb – $8.75
  • Sphere of Resistance – $20
  • Grand Arbiter Augustin IV – $3.73
  • Total: $48.48

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