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This MTG LotR fan is tracking the Rings of Power

A Magic: The Gathering fan is trying to track the MTG Rings of Power, logging the sale of the serialized MTG cards in a spreadsheet.

One Magic: The Gathering fan is going on an unexpected journey of their own, attempting to track down all the foil MTG Rings of Power. Redditor Visual-Whole-8187 shared a spreadsheet documenting their work on the social media site on July 2. According to their data, 9% of the elven rings from the MTG Lord of the Rings set have been found, and 7.2% of dwarven rings have also been reported.

The MTG Rings of Power are Sol Rings, and the foil prints in particular come with an individual serial number. While each card does the same thing, the rings of elves, dwarves, and men each come with unique art. Wizards of the Coast has printed 3,000 non-foil elven rings, as well as 300 foil versions. There are also 7,000 non-foil dwarven rings and 700 foil variants, plus 9,000 non-foil human rings and 900 foil versions of the same card.

MTG Rings of Power cards in Wizards of the Coast graphic

Visual-Whole-8187 is only tracking the foil Rings of Power. They’re also only looking for the elven and dwarven rings, telling Reddit “900 is just a daunting number of cards to track”. So far, they claim to have limited their search to eBay and TCGPlayer listings.

Visual-Whole-8187 isn’t the only person tracking these cards. MTG Serial Tracker is a website that tracks cards from a variety of MTG sets – including Tales from Middle-earth.

It doesn’t seem fully up-to-date as it hasn’t logged that The One Ring has been found. However, there are a handful of reported Sol Rings that haven’t made it into Visual-Whole-8187’s spreadsheet. Perhaps the two should form a Fellowship.

Knowing the exact location of every Ring of Power sounds about as easy as walking into Mordor. Visual-Whole-8187 acknowledges the challenges of the task, writing “This is by no means an exhaustive list”. “It can’t account for in-person transactions, or cards pulled and kept in personal collections”, they add.

MTG Rings of Power search Reddit post

“I didn’t look on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or really anything outside of eBay and TCGplayer”, they tell Reddit. “The numbers I found should be taken as more of a minimum value, knowing that the actual number of cards found can only be higher.”

You can find Visual-Whole-8187’s findings so far in their original Reddit post.

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