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This MTG Secret Lair features left-handed cards

An MTG Secret Lair designed for left-handed Magic: The Gathering players has been announced by Wizards - and it's not (just) an April Fools joke

Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair - cards from the MTG secret lair: Finally, Left-Handed Magic Cards.

On April 1, Magic: The Gathering creator Wizards of the Coast announced its latest Secret Lair: Finally, Left-Handed Magic Cards. In this set of five cards, each featuring a left-handed Magic character or creature, the MTG card frame has been redesigned, ostensibly for the convenience of lefties. That means every card element, from Mana symbols to Power and Toughness, appears on the wrong side. The Secret Lair will be available from April 11 until May 9.

The MTG Secret Lair, Finally, Left-Handed Magic Cards was announced in an article posted to the Magic: The Gathering website on April Fools Day. Of course, due to the date (and the silliness) of the reveal, there was a little confusion over its veracity, but Wizards’ article assured fans the cards were genuine. The official MTG Secret Lair Twitter account later confirmed this, writing “It’s April Fools, but this is no trick.”

It seems as though the creatures (and planeswalkers) chosen for this southpaw Secret Lair, which include Sisay, Weatherlight Captain, and Garruk, Caller of Beasts, were selected as they’ve all been depicted clutching weaponry in their left hands in previous artwork. This probably doesn’t apply to quite every card included – in particular, we’re looking at the five-handed Geralf’s Messenger with raised eyebrows.

Despite the fact that it’s clearly a goof, Left-Handed Magic Cards also appears to be a typical Secret Lair drop, so we can assume it’ll go up for pre-order on the Secret Lair website. You’ll have a month-long window to pick up a copy – it’ll only be for sale between April 11 and May 9 (9am PT/ 5pm BST).

While obviously created for the benefit of lefties, it’s theoretically possible that right-handed folk may enjoy the cards as well. We find that just looking at them does something peculiar to our brains – it’s the Magic: The Gathering uncanny valley.

One key detail from Wizards’ April Fools article may have slipped by many readers: an April 2022 Secret Lair drop is confirmed to be on its way. We can expect to see a bunch of new premium Secret Lairs, each featuring cards with unique treatments and artwork, up for pre-order in the next week or two.

If you want to know which Secret Lairs are currently available, or check out the best ones from past years, pay a visit to our MTG Secret Lairs guide. And here’s some soothing words for you if you’re getting tired of MTG’s endless spoiler season.