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Vital Sliver MTG card spikes 285% after Commander deck reveal

After it was unexpectedly excluded from the Magic: The Gathering Sliver precon deck, the MTG card Sliver Hive spiked 285% overnight.

MTG card Sliver Hive art showing hatching Slivers

The MTG card Sliver Hive has seen a dramatic leap in price – rising from $13 to $50, an increase of 285%, in just a single day. The reason for this is plain and simple – July 18, the day of the spike, was also the day the MTG Commander Masters Sliver Swarm deck was revealed.

A reprint of this Magic: The Gathering card seemed extremely likely, so everyone was surprised when Sliver Hive was not included in the precon. Indeed, the manabase of this precon deck is pretty rubbish overall. That’s left everyone with a soft spot for Slivers needing to upgrade their Sliver Swarm deck, and scrambling to get hold of this all-important MTG Land card.

It would appear the demand is quickly outstripping supply. Sliver Hive was only ever printed in Magic 2015, apart from a super rare version that was a Secret Lair bonus card – obtainable at random.

MTG Card sliver hive

While there have never been many copies available, this perhaps wasn’t such an issue when most Sliver Commander decks were also prohibitively expensive. Now that there’s a (relatively) affordable way to play Slivers, the card’s gone through the roof.

We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if any other top MTG Slivers which didn’t make it into the precon deck see fluctuations in price. In the meantime check out these other Magic price stories – like the surprise LOTR card that’s seeing Legacy play, and a rising card that’s crucial to a new Pioneer strategy.

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