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MTG The Brothers’ War stream teases final Meld card

MTG The Brothers' War has three pairs of Meld cards that form mighty beings - we've seen card spoilers for the first two, and not WotC has teased the third

MTG The Brothers' War artwork of titania an elemental

27/10/2022 We were right (like you had any doubts!). Check out the Titania cards here

In upcoming Magic: The Gathering set The Brothers’ War, there are three pairs of cards with the Meld ability. In prior weeks we’ve seen Urza’s planeswalker card and Mishra’s Phyrexian card, two super powerful beings that can only be formed by melding Urza and Mishra’s weaker forms with potent artifacts. These cards cover every MTG colour except green, but a green meld card was promised when Mishra was unveiled, leading to much speculation among fans.

Now it seems, the identity of that card has been revealed, or at least strongly hinted at. It looks to be the elemental Titania, ruler of Argoth. As shown on a worldbuilding stream for The Brothers’ War on Thursday, there’s a (green) subsection of the set that showcases the resistance of Argoth. This island’s denizens fought against both sides in the conflict, as both Urza and Mishra looked to plunder the natural haven for its resources.

While no card spoilers were shown in the stream, loads of artwork and card names were revealed. This includes two Titania cards: Titania, Voice of Gaea, and Titania, Avenger of Argoth. The artwork for the latter, an enormous tree-beast, certainly looks like it could be the ultimate, melded form of the character, and we can’t think of many other good reasons there’d be two legendary creatures for the same person. There’s also the fact that an MTG worldbuilder in the stream hinted that “Titania stands up herself in her glorious final form”.

Seems like an open and shut case, but what will Titania meld with to become the Avenger of Argoth? It would make no sense story-wise for it to be an artifact like Urza and Mishra; instead it seems likely to be legendary land. Specifically, it’ll probably be the land depicted in this artwork: Argoth, Sanctum of Nature, unless we’re barking up completely the wrong tree.

MTG The Brothers' War artwork of an elemental with tree branches growing all over it

There’s even a card in the set, Gaea’s Gift, which could show the transformation process in progress. That one’s a lot more of a gamble, however. That might not be Titania at all, it could be some other Argothian elemental being pumped up with a random combat trick.

As well as providing clues about cards in the set, the Brothers’ War building worlds stream showed off dozens of mighty mechs that’ll be appearing on cards. There’s no need to worry about them being overshadowed by UB’s Transformers – there’s tons and tons of Magic-universe big robot boys to enjoy. The set’s worldbuilders also described how they split The Brothers’ War into three arcs, to show off the 60-year story.