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MTG Unfinity has rebellious planeswalkers and a space Jace

Mark Rosewater has shared teasers for the upcoming MTG Unfinity set, including a planeswalker that ‘doesn’t do what you say’ - here are the highlights

MTG Unfinity - a ringleader in sci-fi garb

Magic: The Gathering’s fourth unset, Unfinity, releases on October 7, and though card previews have only just began, a few tasty crumbs of information about the upcoming joke set have already been tossed down to the hungry masses. Magic head designer Mark Rosewater shares cryptic clues on his blog for each set these days, but for Unfinity he gave a particularly lengthy ‘mega-teaser’. “Un-sets are much easier to tease because more cards do quirky things… that people will have fun speculating on,” he writes.

Quirky is about right. Rosewater shared some strange stuff from MTG Unfinity, including Brushwaggs, a warning about not touching other people’s phones without permission, and “multiple cards that let you win a prize”. All the fun of the fairground!

One particular highlight is a planeswalker that “doesn’t do what you say”. We can only speculate what that means. Perhaps your opponent controls its abilities, or perhaps it activates its own effects at random. The MTG cards are revolting!

As you’d expect in an unset, Rosewater’s teaser includes plenty of cards that care about art, wordplay, or flavour text. There are also lots of minigames, or subgames. Cards ask you to tell a player a fact about yourself that you can make up, require someone else to rate something from one to five, and there’s “an outside assistance card where the person assisting doesn’t even know”.

More highlights include obscure keywords like Horsemanship, graveyard enchantments, a creature that’s both an elephant and a mouse, and the following phrases: “Don’t explain anything else”, “Each time you gobble”, and “when you draw yourself, you win the game”. We’ve got no clue on that last one, either – we’re not even 100% sure which meaning of the word ‘draw’ is being used there.

As you can see above, the first of the day’s spoilers are here! Our favourite has got to be Space Beleren, breaking new ground as the first multicoloured Jace card. Though, this card doesn’t have an Acorn stamp, which means the wacky sector minigame it creates is black-border legal. Hmm.

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