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Turn yourself into an MTG card with goofiest Unfinity spoiler yet

You, the player, can become a game-winning Magic: The Gathering card with this ridiculous MTG Unfinity enchantment, that tests your balancing skills

Magic the Gathering - a desert with a monument in the shape of the horns of the dragon Nicol Bolas

MTG Unfinity spoiler season has brought plenty of fun foolishness (offset slightly by the raging Acorn stamp controversy). But though we’ve seen card spoilers that range from an astronaut Jace to a dog planeswalker, nothing approaches the level of one MTG card revealed on Monday. In the silliest Magic card contest, Form of the Approach of the Second Sun easily wins first prize. Its effect? It turns you, the player, into a Magic card.

Yes, that’s right, when you enchant yourself with this Unfinity card, you become a copy of the alternative wincon spell, Approach of the Second Sun, from Amonkhet (2017). Following the rules for Approach of the Second Sun, you immediately gain seven life, and then must then place yourself in your own library, seventh from the top. You have to balance the six cards above you on top of your head.

The MTG match you’re in then devolves into a test of balance, where those wearing hats or with suitable haircuts may be at a distinct advantage. If you can hold on until you draw yourself, you win the game. But if any cards fall off your head you must exile all six. Form of the Approach of the Second Sun is also exiled, alas, stripping you of your new Magic card status, and just as you were settling into the lifestyle.

Magic the Gathering - the MTG Unfinity card Form of the Approach of the Second Sun

It sounds like the sort of thing you’d see on r/magicthecirclejerking, or that an AI MTG cardmaker might cook up. Instead, Form of the Approach of the Second Sun is a sign that Wizards of the Coast is pushing the boundaries for how they can bend Magic: The Gathering’s rules in unsets, for the pure purpose of generating a laugh.

Form of the Approach of the Second Sun is bound to cause some rules confusion, and we’re very glad it’s not one of the eternal-legal Unfinity cards. But in Unfinity games it looks like a winner. The opportunities for hijinks and shenanigans seem endless. One fan, Tumblr user cannotwynn already found a ridiculous combo: cast Fractured Identity on your copy of Form of the Approach of the Second Sun, to give all players the enchantment. Then cast Nerf War, and you can light up your foes with foam Nerf destruction in a totally legal, indeed required, move.

MTG Unfinity spoilers began September 20 and concluded yesterday, on September 26. The set releases October 7. Check out our MTG Unfinity guide for more information.