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MTG Warhammer 40k Orks, Blood Bowl and Age of Sigmar cards spoiled

Unboxing videos are cropping on YouTube revealing the MTG Warhammer Secret Lairs, including cards with Blood Bowl and Age of Sigmar artwork

MTG Warhammer Secret Lair card re-roll

MTG Warhammer 40k Secret Lair spoilers have been revealed in an unboxing YouTube video. The 15 cards, five for Blood Bowl, five for Age of Sigmar, and five for Warhammer 40k’s Orks faction, were shown off by the Youtuber MTG Unpacked, in a WOTC-sponsored unboxing video. However, they won’t be available for fans to pre-order until October 17.

Whereas the regular MTG Warhammer 40k decks are full of unique cards, these Secret Lairs follow the pattern set by Ikoria’s Godzilla cards (as well as most Secret Lairs featuring third-party IPs, Stranger Things being the exception).

That means these Warhammer cards contain reprints of existing Magic cards with new, thematic artwork, and new names. For example, Ork Kommando is a reprint of Merciless Executioner, Throw Team-Mate is Fling, and Archaeon is Najeela, the Blade-Blossom. Not every card is renamed – if the name fits, Wizards hasn’t changed it, meaning you can get an Ork-y Aggravated Assault or a copy of Blind Obedience featuring Nagash.

Above you can see a few screenshots from Unpacked’s unboxing video. You can also watch the full thing below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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