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Pathfinder books are $1 each in this massive RPG Humble Bundle

You can save 95% off a load of Pathfinder books in this Humble Bundle sale, which includes a full campaign, and more sourcebooks than you'll ever need.

Pathfinder books - a skull monster

There’s a load of Pathfinder books going cheap online in the latest Humble Bundle sale. With 25 items in total, available at $1 each, the Pathfinder Second Edition Legacy Bundle claims to have “everything you need” to start playing Paizo’s roleplaying game, and we’re not about to argue.

For just $25, you get a seriously large number of Pathfinder books worth a whopping $464 in total.

First of all there’s the six book Age of Ashes adventure path, the first official adventure path to use Pathfinder’s second edition rules.

As well as the adventures – the bundle has some one shots and shorter campaigns alongside Age of Ashes – there’s also a boatload of second edition source books, so you can learn everything you need to know about Pathfinder classes, monsters, and all the key RPG rules. There’s the core rulebook, GameMastery guide, Advanced Players guide, and three bestiaries.

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Then we have the Lost Omens books detailing the Pathfinder setting, which includes separate guides to the world, characters (this one has three new Pathfinder races), famous NPCs, and monsters.

You’re getting more than $450 value for just $25, and saving 95% by our calculations. Of course, this being Humble, smaller versions of the bundle are available too. You can get 14 items for $15, losing out on some of the sourcebooks and only getting the first three books in Age of Ashes for a $10 saving.

If you’d rather just dip your toe in Pathfinder’s waters, meanwhile, $5 will get you Age of Ashes book one, another low-level adventure called Fall of Plaguestone, and the Pathfinder beginner box (usually $20 in PDF form).

As with all Humble bundles, some of your money will go to charity. This one supports Comic Books for kids, which provides child-friendly comic books to kids in hospitals and cancer wards. You can choose how you want your donation to be split, between Humble Bundle, Paizo, and Comic Books for Kids. You’ll have to pay at least 30% ($7.50) to Humble Bundle, however.

This is the second Pathfinder bundle we’ve spotted this year. The first came out in February, during the DnD OGL debacle that had many RPG fans threatening to tear up their monster manuals and bin their player’s handbooks. Pathfinder’s chief creative officer assured Reddit that the timing was just a coincidence.

Not sure you’re ready to learn a new tabletop RPG? You might find this explanation of Pathfinder vs DnD helpful for getting to grips with Paizo’s system.