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117 Pictionary words and ideas

If you need a Pictionary generator to give you ideas for your next drawing game, you've come to the right place - here's over 100 Pictionary words to try.

Pictionary words - a girl painting a whale on a wall.

You can play Pictionary without a premade list of Pictionary words, and still have a great time with the ultimate drawing board game. But finding a list of Pictionary words to use is much more fun. When you’re not coming up with the prompts yourself, it’s much more likely you and your friends will be lumbered with something you don’t already know how to draw, leading to sillier scribblings, more puzzling pictures, and as a result, many more hilarious moments.

Pictionary is one of the best board games out there. Fun for budding artists and people who’ve never picked up a pen in their life, it’s super accessible, which is why this classic board game has not only stood the test of time, but spawned a varied genre of different Pictionary games.

Pictionary makes for a great kids board game or family board game, but works equally well for college students seeking an unconventional drinking board game. Here, we’ve come up with a list of 117 Pictionary words sorted by topic. To reflect the wide range of Pictionary players (and their differing artistic abilities) we’ve also split these Pictionary ideas up by how hard they are to draw, so you can pick your ‘level’ and ensure everyone is on an equal footing.

Pictionary words notebook with lots of doodles

Animal Pictionary words

Easy Medium Hard
Dog Frog Gazelle
Cat Deer Scorpion
Cow Bat Sea Anemone
Pig Lizard Badger
Spider Dolphin Eagle
Giraffe Ladybug Turkey
Bird Horse Kangaroo
Lion Whale Praying Mantis
Chicken Gorilla Cockroach
Monkey Otter Leopard
Fish Turtle Hyena

Place Pictionary words

Easy Medium Hard
Beach Mall Switzerland
Supermarket Eifel Tower Tributary
 France  Egypt Glacier
 Canada Great Wall of China Red Square
Bridge Temple  Angkor Wat
 Church Hotel Pacific
Castle South America Sydney
Farmyard Amazon Rainforest Tokyo
Haunted House Australia Spring
North Pole Museum Nunnery

Object Pictionary words

Easy Medium Hard
Frying pan Guitar Bicycle
Mail Suitcase Tambourine
Phone Trident Guillotine
Toothbrush Curtains Stapler
Mug Branch Trunk
Computer Couch Smoke
Cloud Lightning Swiss Army Knife
House Trampoline Gymnast
Cop Kung-Fu Fighter Mold
Socks Shopping Cart Shipwreck
Shield Spiderweb Glue
Car Skull Rattle

Hard Pictionary words

Alright, you’ve asked for it, Mr Da Vinci. If you’ve scoffed at the hard Pictionary prompts presented so far, laughed in the face of our most difficult Pictionary ideas, then prepare for pain, as you attempt to depict the following:

Love War
Romance Emotion
Dreams Invisible Man
Music Stand Collection
Justice Trebuchet
Parasaurolophus Cranberry Juice
Arsenal Helpfulness
Content BMX bike
Terraforming Shin

That should be enough Pictionary words to keep you busy for a while. When you’re ready for a break from drawing games, we recommend these Trivia board games and dice games.